05 The Tree

The Tree is a symbol of life, health and spirituality.  On planet Earth the animal kingdom enters into a spiritual contract with the plant kingdom for our mutual health and wellbeing.

Trees, plants and algae rely on photosynthesis to produce the sugars necessary to feed and sustain them, and which nuture us when we eat the green plants.  As by-product of photosynthesis, oxygen  is released into the atmosphere to help sustain human and animal life. In turn our breath releases carbon-dioxide back into the air which the plants require to produce photosynthesis. This oxygen/carbon dioxide cycle is responsible for sustaining nearly all of the life on planet Earth.  In the image of the Tree from the Mystical Lenormand, the Tree is teeming with the life it supports in this sacred symbiotic relationship.

Mystical Lenormand by Urban Trösch, published by AG Muller

In a reading, the Tree represents a healthy lifestyle, an eco-friendly environment, and balanced spirituality. Although generally a positive influence, the appearance of the Tree in a spread may be a warning concerning a health issue.  To ask about a specific health problem, the Tree can be used as the significator or key card for the reading. The Tree can refer to health on all levels: mind, body and spirit; or it can denote the healthy status of situation, such as a healthy relationship, a healthy business or a healthy bank account.

As a symbol for spirituality, the Tree can also be used to represent questions dealing with spiritual matters, such as divining one’s true spiritual path, revealing one’s karmic mission, or uncovering past-life influences. The Tree can be used for channeled or mediumship readings to connect with spiritual guides, departed loved-ones,  and other non-physical entities.

When describing the outcome of a situation, the Tree is a positive influence that will show growth, recovery, and wellbeing.  The Tree is a particularly good sign in a relationship readings because it denotes a strongly symbiotic relationship with deep spiritual and or/ karmic ties, and definite past-life connections.

Keywords: health, spirituality, life, well being, past life, karma

Descriptive Qualities: healthy, spiritual, natural, rooted, broad-minded, karmic

Lenormand Tree Combinations:†

Tree + Rider: news about health, diagnosis, a spiritual encounter
Tree + Clover: excellent health, horticulture, energy healing
Tree + Ship: spiritual journey, trip to a health spa, going into rehab
Tree+ House: healthy home environment, health clinic, a spiritual place, greenhouse
Tree + Clouds: health problem, respiratory ailment, spiritual uncertainty
Tree + Snake: health condition, virus, infection, colonoscopy
Tree + Coffin: health crisis, depression, spiritual corruption
Tree + Bouquet: health and happiness, spiritual gift, aromatherapy
Tree + Scythe: injury, surgery, dental health, spiritual or health decision
Tree + Whip: exercise, chronic health condition, allergies, addiction, sexually transmitted disease
Tree + Birds: health talk, therapy, group therapy, a spiritual talk, spiritual message
Tree + Child: healthy child, pregnancy, beginning interest in spiritual matters
Tree + Fox: health profession, spiritual work, hypochondria, health scam, spiritual scam
Tree + Bear: healthy financial situation, health and nutrition, sick pay
Tree + Star: healing, health regimen, lasiks, spiritual goals
Tree + Stork: change to a healthy state, return to health, spiritual development
Tree + Dog: healthy friendship, health professional, therapist, spiritual guide, soulmate
Tree + Tower: hospital, health department, health standards
Tree + Garden: healthy environment, hospital, health resort, forest
Tree + Mountain: health problem caused by blockage, constipation, sedentary lifestyle
Tree + Crossroads: healthy choice, alternative medicine, holistic approach
Tree + Mice: stress related illness, psychological problem, degenerative disease
Tree + Heart: healthy sentiments, heart disease, nature lover
Tree + Ring: sound union, spiritual connection, soul mate relationship
Tree + Book: health studies, med school, spiritual studies, spiritual book, bible
Tree + Letter: prescription, medical test results, x-rays
Tree + gentleman: balanced and healthy, spiritually motivated, doctor/nurse
Tree + Lady: spiritual, open-minded, grounded, doctor/nurse
Tree + Lily: serenity, health matter related to aging, Buddhism
Tree + Sun: excellent health, virility, vitality, male health
Tree + Moon: hormone imbalance, menstrual cycle, female health, medical intuitive
Tree + Key: spiritual life, past life connection, need to focus on health
Tree + Fish: healthy business, health related business, health insurance
Tree + Anchor: stable health, long life, spiritual way of life
Tree + Cross: spiritual crisis, painful health condition

†Suggested meanings compiled from various sources including my own experience
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