01 The Rider

The Rider is the first card in the Lenormand sequence, and it brings news, new people, and new situations into the consultant’s life.  The Rider can represent a visit, or it can denote activity or forward movement in a situation.  It can indicate a proposal or an invitation, or foretell the return of someone or something to the consultant’s life.  The Rider can represent a  personal mode of transportation:  horse, bicycle, motorcycle.

Descriptions:  Rider describes someone physically  fit, active, athletic, agile, and sports-minded.

Objects: bicycle, motorcycle, horses, cattle.

Health: Joints, knees, ankles, feet.

Timing: Fast time frame, usually days or weeks.

Rider Combinations:†

Rider + Clover = a new opportunity is on the way, lucky news
Rider + Ship = a visitor from afar, taking off, coming and going
Rider + House = a new home, a visitor to the home
Rider + Tree = exercise, a spiritual message, news about health
Rider + Clouds = confusing or contradicting news, uncertain direction
Rider + Snake = trouble ahead, disappointing  news, lies,
Rider + Coffin = news brings closure, a delayed arrival, depressing news
Rider + Flowers = good news, a happy visit, visit with a young woman
Rider + Scythe = a rejection, news of an accident, an unwanted arrival
Rider + Whip = news creates a conflict,  someone picks a fight
Rider + Owls = talking things over, two sides to the story, new relationship
Rider + Child = new addition to the family,  a short message, news about a child
Rider + Fox = new employment, news about work, a deceptive message
Rider + Bear = new source of income, arrival of funds
Rider + Stars = hopeful news, new ideas, a new direction
Rider + Storks = news brings change
Rider + Dog = visit from a friend, news from a friend, new friendship
Rider + Tower = official news, visit from the authorities
Rider + Park = social climbing, active social life,  invitation to a social gathering
Rider + Mountain = activity is blocked or delayed, frustrating news
Rider + Paths = multiple directions, bicycling, horseback riding, news brings a decision
Rider + Mice = stressful news,  pressure to act, news of a loss
Rider + Heart = new love, a romantic visit, new lover
Rider + Ring = new relationship, contract proposal, marriage proposal
Rider + Book = new project, beginning school, a secret message
Rider + Letter = a package arrives, mail, expected news
Rider + Gentleman = athletic or active man, man comes to visit
Rider + Lady = athletic or active woman, woman comes to visit
Rider + Lily = athlete, news of a job well done, arrival of something long awaited
Rider + Sun = news of success, news brings happiness, proposal is accepted
Rider + Moon = emotional news, new romance
Rider + Key = solution is on the way, a spiritual message
Rider + Fish = new business venture, business proposal, encounter with a business man
Rider + Anchor = reassuring news, stability coming
Rider + Cross = difficult news, news causes worry

†Please Note: These suggested combinations are not exhaustive, and only reflect the most common meanings  based on my own personal experience with the cards.

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