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Welcome to my weblog!

I’m a professional card reader.  I read playing cards, Lenormand, and other oracle cards. I began my Lenormand journey with the Titania Fortune Cards in 2001, but my study of Lenormand did not take off until December of 2007. I received the book The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle by Sylvie Steinbach for Christmas that year, along with a deck of Mystical Lenormand cards. I studied the book, and then completed the advanced training that was offered by Sylvie Steinbach at the Aeclectic Tarot Forum in the Oracle Study Groups forum (under the nickname “Aristede”).

You can find the virtual workshop by clicking on this link:  

The Secrets of the Lenormand Study Group

In January of 2008 I started this weblog as my Lenormand journal where I could record my practice readings. At the time, it was one of the first Lenormand sites in the English language on the internet.  During the past 8 years I created other private Lenormand blogs which I have also consolidated here.

My current method of reading the Lenormand has expanded to encompass several different styles and traditions. I follow the French convention of ascribing work to the Fox card, and money to the Bear, because that is what works for me. Generally, I do not follow the practice of attributing meaning to the direction a card image faces; for example, the blade on the Scythe, or the binding on the Book, or the light and dark sides of the Clouds. I tried those techniques while studying the Treppner course, and found that they only caused confusion in my readings. I do respect the fact that those techniques prove very accurate for other people.

This blog is dedicated to learning the Lenormand oracle cards. It will serve as a record of my daily card draws and practice readings. The readings featured on this blog are all real. In many cases the names and/or identities have been changed according to the verbal agreement between the querents and myself which allows me to share the readings publicly in all their wonderful detail.

I don’t know if you’ll find anything useful here. My intention is not to teach, but to record my own explorations with the Lenormand, but you’re welcome to learn along with me. I learn something new every day about the Lenormand, and I continued this blog to share my discoveries as I work with this remarkable oracle deck.

Kick off your shoes, take a load off, have a look around, and make yourself home. I welcome your questions, comments, suggestions, experiences, thoughts and ideas!

In truth and light,

(J. David Arcuri)


16 thoughts on “My Lenormand Journey

  1. Ana Campos says:

    Hi, I’m Ana. I’m Portuguese. I’ve bought Sylvie’s book as well, and the Iris Trepnner online course. It has been six months now. I’ve been practising alone. I have bought the Lo Scarabeo French cartomancy deck, I have another one from Piatnik, but I do love the Gypsy LeNormand (Bruno Bieri).
    However I lack the confidence to read for other people and I would like to have someone I could confront my readings with.
    I have been reading your blog for quite some time now, and I would like to know if I could participate as well.
    I look forward to your reply and experienced advise as well.
    kind regards,

  2. lenormand36 says:

    Hi Ana,

    I gained confidence from lots of practice readings on friends and family members. Also, there comes a time when you have to put the books and courses away, and find out how the cards speak to you personally.

    I think the best advice I can give you is not to get hung up on the lists of card combinations that you find in the book or in the course. They are a great resource to help you learn the cards, but I’ve discovered that at least 75% of the time a combination in a real reading will not mean what the combination list says it should.

    In my opinion, the combination lists are one-dimensional, and they’re only meant as a example of how the cards work together.

    Your objective should be to learn the individual card meanings really well, and the combinations will naturally follow.

    It’s not going to help you for someone else to tell you what your readings mean. Only you can determine how the cards talk to you.

    It really is easier to read for other people than it is for yourself. Once you start reading for other people, you will be surprised at how well you do!

    Best of luck to you!

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi Aristede,

    i’ve enjoyed reading your blog. i’ve been learning to read these cards for 6 years or so; when i received the Titania’s fortune card book and deck. The Titania’s book helped me greatly to achieve accurate readings, but even though the cards will tell me about the most important things on the horizon, i still can’t get answers when i ask specific questions 😦 .Also find that it’s a lil bit harder to read for other people, nevertheless it’s getting easier with more practice. …I look forward to reading the book you mentioned and reading more of your blog.



  4. lenormand36 says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed reading the blog! 🙂

    I love the Titania’s Fortune Cards, and like you, I use them to read for myself to see what’s coming up for me.

    I think you’ll discover that Sylvie’s book, and the virtual workshop on Aeclectic Tarot Forum will help you get specific answers from the Lenormand cards, and will provide some good ideas to help you with reading for other people.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Desuert says:

    Bonjour,je vient vous demander de m’aider,je suis Française et j’ai acheté le livre de Sylvie Steinbach, je traduis le livre, mais difficile car mon traducteur ne traduis pas tous les mots d’anglais vers Français, il m’en manque quelques uns ,et du coup je ne comprend pas comment proceder au tirage en ligne, pourriez-vous m’aider, ou connaissez-vous une personne qui parle Français avec qui je pourrais communiquer.Je vous remerçie beaucoup

  6. lenormand36 says:

    Bonjour, Je suis désolé, mais je ne parle pas français assez bien pour répondre à vos questions. Sylvie Steinbach, l’auteur de l’ouvrage est de la france, et qu’elle serait en mesure de répondre à vos questions. Vous pouvez la contacter à son site internet — où vous trouverez un lien vers son adresse e-mail.

    bonne chance dans vos études!

  7. Calcifer says:

    Hi, I love the water color version of the Lenormand’s deck used in the Lenormand 9 Card Spread – Love reading. Can you tell me who is the publisher and where to find this deck? Thanks!

  8. lenormand36 says:

    Yes, it’s a charming deck, and one of my favorites. It’s the Nieuwe Lenormand Waarzegkaarten by Erna Droesbeke. It’s published by Amber Studio in Belgium.

    This deck was available through Uitgevertj Schors, but I’m not sure if it is still available. Here was the link:

  9. claudia olvera says:

    hola Aristide desde México le mando un respetuoso saludo, soy una ávida estudiante de tarot(desde los 15 años, hoy tengo 45)y desde hace 2 años me encontré con su sitio y las cartas lenormand,aquí en mi país es muy difícil conseguir por el pago electrónico el libro de la Sra.Sylvie Steinbach, cómo se podría para contactar a alguna librería interesada en el libro, aquí hay una llamada YUG y Porrúa, en mi país, en fín,seguiré aprendiendo a través de su sitio increíble, su amiga claudia.

  10. kapil says:

    i want to learn this card from where can i learn in india tell me plz

  11. JF says:


    do you still read lenormand? Or have you been simply too busy to post. I recently discovered your blog through a fellow Lenormand enthusiast and just wanted you to know that I absolutely love your blog and your style of reading. I have learned so much from you and hope that you will continue to post new readings with interpretations when you have the time.


  12. Stephanie says:

    Hello! I just purchased the Mystical Lenormand and I mostly read from the book meanings, but sometimes intuitively. I am trying to get comfortable with reading them. Thanks so much for your site!

  13. Join us at for the most updated and functional website on the ‘no layout’ method and the Lenormand oracle.

  14. Gloria says:

    Hi Sylvie!

    I’ve been following your blog and enjoy it very much. I have your book and it is well read! I was wondering if you could consider having some sort of online/correspondence course on your method of numerology?

    regards, Gloria

  15. Hi Gloria,
    Sorry for very late reply to your question: one day I will do a book on my numerology system; however right now the priority is to release a workbook series on the SLO (secrets of the lenormand oracle).

  16. hippiehighpries says:

    I LOVE your blog! I hope you start updating again soon, I’ve learned so much from your musings and readings about these mystical cards 🙂

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