Lenormand Horoscope Spread – Buying a House

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July 9, 2014 by Art of Cartomancy

Natalie is young professional who is in the process of purchasing her first home. She has several questions related to the prospective purchase:

  • Is the home in good condition?
  • Is the home a good investment?
  • Is the neighborhood safe?
  • Will the bank approve the mortgage?
  • Will I end up purchasing this home?
  • Will I be happy in the new home?

When the querent has multiple questions relating to a single topic, I like to use the Lenormand Horoscope Spread. All of Natalie’s questions can be addressed with this simple 12-card spread.

First I set my intention that the Lenormand Lady will represent Natalie, and the Lenormand House card will represent the new home, if these cards happen to appear in the spread. Then I focus on Natalie’s questions while shuffling. Finally I deal one card into each of the 12 houses of the horoscope wheel.

You can find specific instructions about how to draw and read this spread, along with the horary meanings for each of the 12 houses,  in my previous article:  Lenormand Horoscope Spread for Questions.

Lenormand Horoscope Spread

Lenormand Horoscope Spread

What Is the Condition of the Home?

The home is represented by the 4th house in astrology, so the Lenormand Ship in the 4th house would represent Natalie’s current place of residence. The Ship indicates movement, and confirms the theme of the reading: Natalie is purchasing a new home and moving from her current residence. The cards are in tune with the topic of our questions.

We want to determine the condition of the home for sale which is currently owned by another person. The other person in a horoscope reading is always represented by the 7th house. So the other person’s house would be the 4th from the 7th, or Natalie’s 10th house. The house for sale is represented by the 10th house where we find the Lenormand Clouds.

The Clouds card is not a reassuring symbol to represent the condition of the new house. It warns of instability, complications and hidden problems. Also, we find the Lenormand House (which is the significator for the new home) in Natalie’s 6th house of health. This suggests that the health (condition) of the home is an important consideration. Specifically the Clouds card may refer to weather damage, dampness, mold, air quality, and problems with the airconditioning system. The querent is advised to make a careful inspection of the home with these ideas in mind.

Is the Home a Good Investment?

Financial value is ruled by the second house. To determine the value of the home, we first need to look to the home as represented by the first house. This is called “turning the chart” in horary astrology. We have already determined that the new home is represented by the querent’s 10th house, so the 10th house becomes the first house for the new home. Therefore, the second house for the new home would be the Natalie’s 11th house, where we find the Lenormand Storks.

The Storks card is a positive indicator. It represents advancement and elevation. Despite the underlying problems represented by the Clouds, the Storks shows that the value of the home will continue to appreciate in value. The home is indeed a good investment for the querent, and any problems with the home’s condition should be easily resolved.

Is the Neighborhood Safe?

In a horary chart, the querent’s current neighborhood is represented by the third house. We are asking about the neighborhood of the new home. So the third house from the new home (10th house) would be the Natalie’s 12th house, where we find the Lenormand Key.

The Key always says “yes” with certainty. It can also highlight the significance of the matter in question. The neighborhood is quite safe, and the location is the new home’s best feature. We have already learned that the value of the house will continue to appreciate, so I have the impression that the neighborhood may be in the process of a revitalization.

Will the Bank Approve the Mortgage?

Other people’s money is always the querent’s 8th house. There we find the Lenormand Crossroads which represents the bank loan.

The Crossroads denotes options and choices, but also hesitation and compromise. This card may suggest a partial loan, or two sources of income. I get the feeling that the Bank will not approve the full amount that Natalie needs. A substantial down payment from Natalie may be necessary as an alternative measure. Natalie’s money is represented by the 2nd house. The Dog card in the 2nd house shows that financial help will be necessary for Natalie to secure the money necessary to purchase the home.

Will I End Up Purchasing This New Home?

The final outcome (end of the matter) is revealed in Natalie’s 4th house, where we find the Lenormand Ship.

The Ship is a positive card. It indicates transportation, relocation and forward movement. In the end, the purchase of the home will proceed as hoped, and Natalie will make the move to the new home.

Will I be Happy in the New Home?

The Tower in the first house indicates that Natalie has high expectations. Natalie’s hopes and wishes are represented by the 11th house, where we find the Lenormand Storks. (You will note that we have already read this card from the perspective of the home as the home’s value. Now from Natalie’s perspective this same card will reveal the outcome of her wishes regarding the new home.)

The Storks card represents a positive change. It also denotes a move, and reflects Natalie’s hopes and wishes for a new home. If Natalie purchases the new home, it will meet her high expectations, and she will be very happy there.


Despite the underlying issues with the condition of the home, the cards show that this would be a good move for Natalie. The home is a good investment, and she will be happy and safe in the new location. The main caveat is regarding the bank loan. There may be some complications with acquiring the bank’s approval on the mortgage, and an alternate solution may be necessary.

Natalie’s feedback on the Reading:
Natalie fell in love with the new home, despite the fact that several windows needed to be replaced because of water seepage when it rained (Clouds). Unfortunately, the bank did not approve the loan on the house, and Natalie was advised that she would need to provide a substantial down payment, or find an alternate home in a more modest price range. Luckily, Natalie was able to secure a supplemental (Crossroads) loan to cover the down payment from her brother (Dog), and she was thereby able to purchase the home. Notice that the Gentleman Card falls in Natalie’s 3rd House. The 3rd is the house of siblings. The Gentleman represents Natalie’s brother Simon who was influential in helping Natalie secure the new home.


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