Finding Magic in the Lenormand Court Cards

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February 8, 2012 by Art of Cartomancy

I want to share a recent experience I had with finding special significance in a reading via the Lenormand Court Cards.  For the most part, the playing card insets in the Lenormand deck are ignored, but traditionally the court cards can be used to represent people in a reading.  For example the Clouds (King of Clubs) can represent an ex-husband, the Snake (Queen of Clubs) can represent a wife, and the House (King of Hearts) can represent a father or landlord. I don’t generally read the Lenormand Court Cards as people, but I do take meaning from the face card images, particularly for physical descriptions.

The King of Hearts on the Lenormand House is depicted with a beard, and when this card falls next to the Gentleman card, it can describe a man with facial hair.  I’ve found these descriptions to be extremely accurate in my own readings. For this reason, I always pay close attention to the court card images, and take note of anything that jumps out at me in a reading.

The importance of paying attention to the Lenormand Court Cards was driven home for me in a reading I did on New Year’s Eve.  I attended a party that was hosted by the co-worker of a friend, and as usual I brought along my Lenormand cards.  It wasn’t long before I had a line of guests clamoring for mini-readings.

As expected, the majority of questioners were young women in search of true love, but there was one gentleman, a young African-American man, who waited patiently for his turn.  He sat across from me, introduced himself as “Deandre,” and my first impression was of a quiet and reserved soul.

Deandre wanted to know about his career.  I asked if he was interested in learning about an employment/job versus a personal business since the differentiation would dictate the direction of the reading.  He said he was an entrepreneur interested in doing some freelance work, but offered nothing more. I set my intention that the Fish would represent Deandre’s freelance venture, focused on the question, and drew the following cards:

On the left, the House described a comfortable and secure situation, and indicated that recently things had been squared away, but the Mice showed previous anxiety and annoyance, or a stressful situation regarding the enterprise. These cards also suggested to me that Deandre had stubbornly pursued this project despite the problems he had encountered.  Looking to the cards on the right, I told Deandre that the Lady card represented a woman who would be influential in the near future in relation to the project. The Key confirmed her significance, and her connection to the future success of the freelance venture.

Next it was time to dig for more information.  The card directly to the left of the Fish will often suggest the type of business or enterprise in question.  I decided that the House might suggest real estate, but that didn’t feel right to me. Then the Mice in connection with the House made me think of some kind of home repair business, but that didn’t feel right either.  Then the court card, the King of Hearts, caught my attention, and it clicked.  Music! The King of Hearts is strumming a harp and making music.  That suddenly felt very right to me. I blurted out “music!” Deandre laughed. I asked, “Is this venture connected to the music industry in some way?”

Deandre laughed again and said, “Yes it is.” He confided that he was a singer/song writer, and that he had recently compiled a demo CD of his work that he was interested in shopping around.  Deandre confirmed that he’d had to deal with a number of problems while trying to professionally produce the demo, and nearly gave up, but now he feels confident with the result. He wanted insight into how best to promote his music.  I advised Deandre that the Lenormand Key showed he would get the kind of exposure he was hoping for through the help of the woman represented by the Lady card. He wanted to know more about who the woman might be, and so I used the Lady card as the significator for an additional spread.

Since this reading, I’ve had the King of Hearts meaningfully represent music in other readings as well.  I don’t know if this particular correspondence will work for everyone (I realize that the harp imagery is unique to the specific deck I utilize), but if you pay attention to the court card images, you may find wonderful connections that will create magic your own readings. As a side note, I thought I’d mention that I did not consider the playing card image on the Lenormand Fish, even though it is a face card.  I consciously chose the Fish card to represent the focus of the question, and therefore would not expect the card to carry any additional significance beyond representing the matter at hand.

In closing, I also wanted to apologize for not posting in while.  Numerologically speaking, 2012 is a number 7 Personal Year for me, and so it’s not too surprising that I’m feeling the need to withdraw a bit and shift my focus inward.  I may not post as much as I was doing previously, but I do intend to continue with the blog this year, and I do sincerely appreciate my followers and regular readers. 🙂


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