The Lenormand Astrology Spread and the Case of the Wandering Gypsy

November 26, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

On Thanksgiving Day Gypsy mysteriously vanished. Gypsy is a four-year-old white Pomeranian, and she belongs to my sister-in-law Theresa. Theresa noticed the dog was missing right after dinner when Gypsy did not respond to the call for leftover scraps of roasted turkey meat.

The whole family was gathered at my brother’s house to celebrate the holiday, and with all the noise and activity, no one noticed that Gypsy was gone.  A thorough search of the house confirmed that Gypsy had indeed vanished. The kids had been running in and out of the house all day, and the tiny dog must have escaped through the open door unnoticed.

I spent the rest of Thanksgiving evening organizing a search party with my brother Roger, and canvassing the surrounding neighborhoods for Gypsy. By 11 o’clock that night we had circled the city several times, but had found no sign of the dog.  By 11 o’clock the following morning my sister-in-law Theresa was frantic with worry.  She and my sister Renée put together missing dog flyers, and went out to post the flyers around town.

This was not the first time Gypsy had run off.  In fact, she was named Gypsy because of her fondness for wandering the neighborhood.  As a puppy she would station herself by the front door when she heard someone approaching the house. Then she would catapult herself through the opening the minute the door was cracked.

Now it was more than 12 hours since Gypsy had disappeared, and the dog had never been gone that long.  I was not surprised when my sister-in-law asked me to see if the cards could pinpoint the location of the missing dog. Theresa had been impressed with the success of my efforts to help her find the missing birth certificate.

For the reading I used the Astrology Spread, and a technique derived from horary astrology for locating lost or stolen items.

  • The first step is to choose a card to signify the lost or stolen object. The the lost object in this case is a dog, so I set my intention that the Lenormand Dog would represent Gypsy.
  •  Next I shuffled the entire deck while focusing on the question, “Where is Gypsy?”
  • Then I cut the cards into two piles and restacked the deck
  • Next I dealt one card into each house of the astrology wheel beginning at the first house and proceeding counter-clockwise.
  • Finally, I continued dealing around the wheel a total of three times until all the cards were placed, and each zodiac house contained three cards.

For the interpretation, only the house in which the signifier appears is considered, and only the two cards falling with the signifier are read for clues to the whereabouts of the lost item.  All of the other cards and houses are ignored.

In the reading on Gypsy, the signifier (the Lenormand Dog) fell in the 4th house. This is the house of the questioner’s home, so Gypsy should still be somewhere close to home, safe, and likely to be found.

The 4th house also represents water, plumbing, the kitchen, where food is stored, the basement, underground places, mines, wells, farms, historic places, old age, and graveyards. I found some of those possibilities a little disturbing.

In terms of compass direction, the 4th house indicates north. And in terms of likelihood of recovery the 4th house is angular indicating a quick recovery of the lost object. So far, the news is good!

The two cards that fell in the 4th house with the Lenormand Dog were the Gentleman and the Stars. I did not set an intention for the Gentleman, so he could represent any man.  He is probably a stranger, but perhaps not a neighbor since neighbors are generally represented by the 3rd house.  In any case, it seems that a man is in possession of the dog.

In the 4th house the Gentleman might indicate an older man, or father figure.  The Stars represent hope and guidance. Ancient mariners navigated their ships by the stars, and the stars guided them safely home.  I considered it to be a positive sign that the Stars showed up between the Gentleman and the Dog.  The Dog represents Gypsy, and the Stars may show that the Gentleman will guide Gypsy safely home.

I put my trust in the cards, and told my sister-in-law that Gypsy was fine, and that she was being looked after by a man not very far from home. I told her that the signs are positive that Gypsy would be returned within a few days. Theresa was distraught. I silently prayed that the reading was right, and I that wasn’t feeding my sister-in-law false hope.

The Lenormand cards did not let me down.  At around 2 o’clock that very afternoon Theresa received a phone call from a woman who lives nearby.  The woman had seen one of the flyers that my sister had posted that morning, and called to say that she had Gypsy.

The woman admitted snatching the dog from the curb in front of my sister-in-laws house on Thanksgiving evening. She claimed that Gypsy did not have an ID tag on her collar, but my sister-in-law remembered seeing it when she bathed Gypsy the day before. The woman was strangely reluctant to give up the dog.  She said that her 11 year old son had fallen in love with Gypsy, and the dog had spent the night sleeping in her son’s bed.

The woman lives close by, as indicated by the cards, in the direction north of my sister-in-laws home; so the 4th house was referring to the general location and direction rather than providing specific details. I’m not sure why the Lenormand cards showed a man. The woman has a husband, but it was her 11 year old son who cared for Gypsy while she was away from home. It was obvious that both the woman and the son wanted to keep the Gypsy. Perhaps it was the woman’s idealistic husband (father figure) who had urged them to return the dog.

Gypsy was returned home safely. The poor dog must have been traumatized by the experience because she slept for the rest of the day. When Gypsy woke up that evening for snuggle time, she was treated to choice morsels of leftover turkey, and presented with a brand new collar and ID tag.

The Astrology Spread is a fabulous resource for helping to locate lost items.  You just choose a card to represent whatever object has been lost or stolen.  For example, if you’re looking for a lost ring or missing piece of jewelry, you would use the Lenormand Ring card. For missing persons you would use the Lady or Gentleman card, or the Child card for a missing child.

You can find detailed instructions on how to use this spread with Tarot at site Finding Lost or Stolen Objects in Horary Astrology, but the spread is equally wonderful with Lenormand and other oracle cards.  For the specific meanings associated with each house of the astrology wheel, my other favorite online resources for horary astrology include Mithras93’s Free Astrology and Tarot site, and Deb Houlding’s Horary: Where Is It?

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