Tell Me Oh Mystical Lenormand, Will Thanksgiving Dinner Be Served from a Can?

November 21, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

Every year my family gathers at my mom’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving.  My mother is an exceptional cook, and her Thanksgiving spread is second to none. She dishes up roasted turkey and maple-glazed ham, cornbread stuffing and candied yams, and all the rest of the delectable trimmings. For dessert mom sets out holiday cookies and pies, and the traditional pumpkin roll with cream cheese frosting.  My mother spends all week preparing the Thanksgiving meal, and she politely refuses all offers of help; well, not always so politely.

This year things will be different because mom is down with the flu.  Thanksgiving is only days away, and she can barely lift her head from the pillow.  I propose that we have Thanksgiving dinner catered this year, but my suggestion was overridden by the rest of the family.  Instead, my sister-in-law Theresa volunteered to host Thanksgiving dinner at her house this year, and the rest of the family agreed.

What are these people thinking?  Theresa is married to my older brother Roger, and she’s a lovely woman, but she can’t cook to save her life.  The last time I had dinner at my brother Roger’s house, Theresa warmed up a family-sized can of ravioli, and served it with canned green beans on the side.

I don’t mind admitting that I’m spoiled. I look forward to Thanksgiving dinner all year, and I’m worried sick that this year I’ll be forced to eat a frozen turkey dinner with powdery mashed potatoes, gloppy gravy and shriveled peas.

I’m tempted to invite myself to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving, but I feel guilty abandoning my family on the very day I plan to acknowledge how thankful I am to have them all in my life.  Before I do anything rash, I decided to consult with my wise and mystical friend, the Lenormand deck, to see if Thanksgiving Day will be the cataclysmic disaster I fear it will be.

For this reading I set my intention that the Garden would represent the family gathering at my brother’s house.

Nieuwe Lenormand by Erna Droesbeke

The reading looks much more optimistic than I expected.  The Scythe shows a decision or a break from the past, and the Roads indicate a new direction or alternative option.  I think that describes the situation rather well.

The Lily represents established traditions, and the Scythe confirms that this year’s gathering will be a break from our family’s traditional Thanksgiving Day feast.  The Roads show that the festivities will take an alternate route, and the Sun predicts that the new direction will be a shinning success.  Whatever my sister-in-law has up her sleeve, it looks like she will be able to pull it off brilliantly.

Now I’m intrigued. I’m still curious about the dinner, and still slightly worried that the food will be served from a can. I left the the Garden card on the table to represent the gathering, returned the rest of the cards to the deck, and reshuffled while focusing on describing the actual dinner.

The Bear represents food and nutrition, so the combination Garden + Bear confirms that the cards are tuned into my question about the gathering for dinner.

The Dog suggests that guidance or help will be forthcoming, and the Fox gives me the impression of sly or sneaky help.  Ah ha! I bet my sister-in-law will end up having most, if not all, of the food secretly catered, and then try to pass off the gourmet fare as her own cooking.

The Bear is all about caring and control, so everything about this family gathering will be controlled and managed carefully.  Interestingly, the Lily shows up again in this second reading. In combination with the Bear I get the impression that the food will be traditional Thanksgiving fare, which comes as quite a relief to me.  The Lily is also the Zen card.  It represents a peaceful and comfortable outcome.  No family drama. The dinner is going to be leisurely and satisfying, as Thanksgiving dinners ought to be.

No cans and no freezer burn; I’m both surprised and relieved. The Lenormand cards predict a successful Thanksgiving Day feast at my brother’s house, even if it will be a complete break from tradition.  I’ve aborted my plans to invite myself to a friend’s house for dinner since the cards promise that my sister-in-law’s dinner table will be comfortable and satisfying.

Wishing all of my US readers a happy, healthy and prosperous Thanksgiving!

Update Nov 25, 2011:
Dinner was not the elaborate affair of years past, but the food was freshly cooked and quite tasty. It turned out that my sister-in-law did have clandestine help, and I knew it the minute I tasted the stuffing; it could only have been mom’s. My mother half-heartedly denied dragging herself from her sick bed to help with the preparation and cooking. But I know that she did, and I should have known that she would.

The dinner was leisurely and satisfying, exactly as predicted, but the cards failed to predict the drama that ensued after the meal, involving a kindly neighbor and a wandering Gypsy. I experimented with a new card layout to help solve that lastest case, and I’ll share all of the fun details in my next post.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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