The Lenormand Sleuth and the Case of the Missing Musical Angel

November 18, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

My brother Roger bought our mother a porcelain angel figurine for Mother’s Day. The statue features a wind-up music box that plays the song Wind Beneath My Wings. I thought the angel was kitschy and overly sentimental, but mom loved it, and so I pretended to like it too. I had a hard time keeping a straight face, and I think Roger could tell that I wasn’t being sincere.

The musical figurine went missing recently, and yesterday mom mentioned the mysterious disappearance to Roger. He was not pleased by the news. As a result, last night I received a disturbing phone call from my brother.  For some crazy reason Roger got it into his head that I am to blame for the missing angel figurine. I was flabbergasted!

I decided that before I do something I’ll regret, I had better see what the Lenormand cards can tell me about the missing statue. The musical angel would be considered a personal possession/household object, so I set my intention that the Lenormand House would signify the statue.  I asked the cards, “What happened to Mom’s angel figurine?”

The Mice shows that the figurine was damaged or stolen, which I know already, and the Key provides a clue that the “fickle finger of fate” was involved in whatever happened to the statue. Honestly, I cannot imagine anyone wanting to steal the kitschy angel figurine, but stranger things have happened.

The cards to the left of the signifier should tell me what led up to the mysterious disappearance. The Roads provide easy access, and in readings about lost items the Roads can refer to an exit route or hallway between rooms. The Flowers refer to beautiful things, gifts and happiness. Mom was proud of the musical angel figurine. It’s natural that she wanted to display the statue in a common area where it could be appreciated by anyone passing by.

The cards on the right should provide clues about what became of the missing statue. The Gentleman represents a man who is connected to the statue by a twist of fate.  He is the key to finding out what happened to the angel figurine. The Scythe is a rupture or removal, and more significantly the Scythe may refer to an accident. I have the impression that by a twist of fate the man caused the figurine to be broken, and then he removed the evidence. The Mice and Roads support this idea, and suggest that open and unprotected access contributed to how and why the figurine was damaged.

My prime suspect in the case is my younger brother Christopher who has been staying with mom while he’s between jobs.  I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that he accidentally broke the statue and then hid the evidence because he knew mom would be upset.

First I questioned my star witness: I called mom. She said that the figurine was displayed on the pass-bar, the countertop which separates the open kitchen from the family room. Mom agreed that Christopher probably broke the statue and then hid the evidence. He has a habit of tossing his gear onto the pass-bar when he comes home. I decided to call Christopher before running any of this circumstantial evidence by the judge (our brother Roger).

I interrogated my lead suspect: I called Chris. He denied breaking the angel figurine, but I could tell he was smirking through the mouthpiece. He obviously thought the whole scenario was hilarious; so who knows? He could be lying.

The case remains unsolved. I asked mom to consult her tarot cards for additional leads, and to see if her cards confirm Chris as the guilty party. It irks me that I may never know for sure what happened to the angel figurine.  It irks me even more that I may never be able to convince my brother Roger that I didn’t swipe or destroy the statue myself.

The Case of the Missing Musical Angel may have gone cold, but I’d be willing to bet my last dollar that Christopher had something to do with the disappearance of the angel figurine.

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