Lenormand Predictive Reading – Does He Want Me Back?

November 12, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

This morning I did a follow up reading for Rita regarding her estranged boyfriend Mike.  In the original reading for Rita, titled Will He Call?, I predicted that Mike would contact her in March.  I also encouraged Rita to get in touch with him sooner since the cards showed that Mike would be open to hearing from her.  Last night after a couple of drinks Rita decided to take my advice. She sent Mike a text message:

Rita texted: “can we talk?”
Mike responded: “can I call u?”

Mike called Rita for a friendly chat. As predicted, he was open to reestablishing contact with her. During their brief conversation Mike suggested that they meet for coffee on Sunday. They both avoided discussing the breakup, and Rita had the impression that Mike wanted to meet in person to address the issues between them.  Now Rita is frantic with worry because she isn’t sure if Mike is interested in resuming their relationship, or if he is simply looking for closure so that he can move on.

I don’t know Rita personally.  She is a work acquaintance of my friend Heidi, and I had agreed to do the reading in exchange for permission to record the experience on the blog. I was perturbed when my phone rang at 6 o’clock this morning. It was Heidi calling to see if I would be willing to do a follow up reading for Rita. I’m never at my best that early in the morning, but I opened this can of worms, so how could I abandon Rita in her time of need?

I grabbed my trusty deck of Lenormand cards and got Rita on the phone. Her question was: “Does Mike want me back?” Since I’m once again attempting to predict Mike’s intentions, I chose the Gentleman card to represent Mike in the reading.

The Mountain shows delays. Mike has already made up his mind not to move forward too quickly.  The Dog indicates that Mike has friendly intentions, but he plans to take it slow.  I get the impression that Mike wants to establish a friendly rapport.  He does not intend to dive back into the relationship recklessly.

The Moon represents Mike’s romantic feelings.  The Mountain indicates distance, and it stands between Mike and his emotions, showing that he has detached emotionally from the situation.

The Storks indicate positive change and flexibility.  The Storks appeared in the last reading, and the card shows up again to confirm that Mike will remain open-minded about the relationship. The Dog shows that his immediate interest is in establishing a friendship, and the Storks show potential for the friendship to move forward eventually into something more meaningful.

I warned Rita to prepare herself to learn that Mike is not anxious to jump back into the relationship.  Although Mike may seem detached, I assured her that he is not looking for closure. The cards show that he’s willing to keep an open mind about the future of the relationship. I advised Rita that Mike misses her, and wants to re-establish a friendly connection that may develop into something more with time.  I cautioned her not to come on too strong, and that she should take her cues from Mike.  If Rita wants to rekindle the romantic relationship, she will need patience.  I encouraged her to take it slow, be a friend to Mike, and then allow things to develop naturally from there.

Rita promised to call me directly after her meeting with Mike.  I’ll update this post with the result of their rendezvous.

Update Nov 14, 2011
Rita called me yesterday after her meeting with Mike.  She was thankful for the reading because she was prepared for Mike’s suggestion that they should be friends.  Rita said that Mike seemed a little distant (Mountain), and he did not indicate that there was any hope for a rekindled romance.  Mike did say he was happy that Rita contacted him because he had determined that he would not contact her.  I still stand by my original prediction that he would have contacted Rita in March, if she did not contact him first. 

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