Lenormand Predictive Reading – Will He Call?

November 9, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

Will he call? I hear this question a lot.

Rita and her boyfriend Mike had a falling out five months ago, and Rita has not heard from Mike since.  Pride has prevented Rita from reaching out to Mike because she believes it’s his place to make amends.  Mike was supposed to pick up Rita on the morning of his sister’s wedding, but he never showed up. They had quarreled on the phone the night before, but Rita had assumed the wedding date was still happening.  She sat waiting in her makeup, stylish updo, sassy dress, and high heels for several hours that morning before resigning herself to the fact that she had been stood up.

Despite the boorish behavior and inconsiderate lack of communication, Rita still loves Mike very much. She has not given up on the hope that they can work through their current problems.  Rita wants to know if Mike will call her, or if she will have to break down and initiate the contact with him herself.

I chose the Lenormand Gentleman card to represent Mike since I’m attempting to predict his future intentions with regard to contacting Rita.  I phrased the question as yes-or-no inquiry: Will Mike Call Rita?

The Storks show a recent change for Mike, and the letter represents news or a message.  I get a clear indication from these cards that Mike will make contact with Rita.

The Mice represent Mike’s anxiety and frustration with the altercation, but the Storks show that he’s moving past those negative feelings. He recently feels less apprehension regarding the falling out, and therefore more receptive to reconnecting with Rita.

The Letter most often represents written communication in my readings, so it’s likely that Mike will email Rita, or text message, rather than make a phone call. It is his intention to send a message.

In general, the Fish is a positive influence indicating success.  It can describe the message as exploratory, or witty, or business-like, or even indicate an exchange of messages, but the Fish seems superfluous in this spread.  In my readings that is often an indication of a timing card. The Fish brings to mind Pisces, so I use this card to represent a time frame of late February to late March. The Storks confirm the time frame as during a change of seasons.  Mike will contact Rita just when winter begins to move into spring.

I advised Rita that Mike would contact her by email or text message in the month of March.  The Fish suggests that Mike’s future message is intended to “test the waters” as he might naturally expect that Rita has not yet gotten past her anger at being stood up. This would logically explain his delay in making contact.

I encouraged Rita to reach out to Mike sooner.  The cards show that he’s moving past any negative feelings resulting from the altercation. He’s willing to keep an open mind, so it’s likely he would be receptive to hearing from her. Otherwise, if she does nothing, she can expect to hear from him before the end of March.

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