The Case of the Missing Birth Certificate Solved!


October 30, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

The mystery is solved!

The document was not in the bedroom, nor was it in the bathroom. The document was discovered in the family room, which I suppose could have been represented by the House card.

Here’s a link to the original reading: Finding Lost Items with the Lenormand Cards.

Here’s the original layout:

The Missing birth certificate was found in a drawer of the TV console that contains instruction manuals for the TV and other stereo equipment. The document was stowed in a folder along with the pre-school registration information.  My sister-in-law has no recollection of stashing the folder in the drawer, and she hadn’t thought to look there.

This morning my nephews were watching the Scooby-Doo movie that my sister-in-law had recorded for them on the DVR. At some point the movie froze, and my brother had to reboot the system by unplugging the cable box. He noted the tangled mess of wires behind the TV, and was reminded of the reading about the missing birth certificate.  A quick search through the drawers of the console unit produced the missing document.

In retrospect I see that the Moon could represent creativity and entertainment (the TV). Otherwise the rest of the interpretation was pretty darn accurate.  I’m way more impressed than my sister-in-law who seems to take it for granted that the cards would be right. My brother the unbeliever offered no comment.

Thank you again to everyone who offered clues and suggestions.  we all pinpointed something accurate about the location of the missing document.

Prince Lenormand said: “The Moon with (if my memory is correct) was romance. Maybe tucked in with a marriage certificate or photos?”

There is a wedding photo displayed on the TV console right above the drawer where the document was found.

Mama Whodun said: “The error in judgement could be that your sister in law put her son’s birth certificate in the wrong envelope or folder and/or misfiled it.It might have been under some other papers or sandwiched in between. “

Someone made an error in judgement, and the papers were indeed misfiled in the wrong place under some other papers.

Eric Ting said: “Especially the cert. could be on the floor or the lower ground that has been accidentally blocked / covered out from view (under books – esp cooking book or paper ?). Place that could be “noisy” and/or people always walk passed by.”

The drawer where the document was found is lower to the ground and there are also books on the TV console. The family room is the most used room in the house.

I’m probably not ready to take my Lenormand sleuthing on the road just yet, but this was a fun exercise, and I appreciated the participation and help in locating the document.


7 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Birth Certificate Solved!

  1. Diane says:

    Absolutely amazing! Gave me goosebumps! Well done and looking forward to reading more.

  2. Mama Whodun says:

    Great Job LS;

    That case was a lot of fun! Lenormand is absolutely fascinating…isn’t it?

    Continued Success!

  3. Eric Ting says:

    Thank you for the update LS.
    Good to hear that the certificate is found.
    Finding a lost object is always the interesting and tough topic.
    Looking forwards for more reading : )

    Eric Ting

  4. Eric Ting says:

    Hi LS

    Recently I have came across an article about decoding a reading from different dimension.
    I see this could be well fit to your reading above.
    Since this is about the location of the certificate, we could read from different dimension that taking the whole layout is as vertically. Fox would indicate missed-placing (an action), Moon could be anything about light like TV or light from projector, table light and etc.
    Letter refers to certificate, snake could indicate lower ground or on ground and sluggishly (lazily) and for the House, besides the standard meaning, it could be “box esp furniture alike” = drawer. This is different from Coffin. I have come across Ship and Coffin = luggage / baggage.
    Summarized from above, it does look like the actual fact or does it? : )


    • Hi Eric, intriguing concept. I think your alternate dimension reading fits really well with the facts of the situation. The next step is to test your theory to see if it can be generally applied to all readings with equal accuracy. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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