Predictive Lenormand Reading – Pass or Fail?


October 28, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

I am intrigued by the idea of prediction and the effects it may have on free will.  I thought I would try a few experiments with predictive Lenormand readings, particularly with questions that require a yes-or-no answer.  I’m curious to see if these readings are consistently accurate. My intention is also to track how the prediction may influence the questioner’s free will in the situation. I hope to determine if the predictive readings disempower the questioner by discrediting possible choices, or if the readings empower the questioner by providing insight into the outcome of the available options.

My first guinea pig is my sister Renée who is gearing up to take the exam for her real estate license next month.  Renée professes to have a good grasp on the material that will be tested, and she feels confident that she will pass the exam easily. I convinced her that it couldn’t hurt to see what the cards have to say on the matter.

I’m attempting to predict my sister’s performance on the test (not the test itself), so I set my intention that the Lenormand Lady would represent Renée.  I shuffled the cards and asked, “Will Renée pass the real estate licensing exam?”

Mystical Lenormand by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter & Urban Trösch

In the context of the question the House would represent real estate, and its appearance confirms that the cards are tuned into the question.  Studying for the real estate exam has been Renée’s primary focus recently. The Whip refers to physical activity, and confirms that Renée is busy applying herself to her real estate studies.

The Coffin is a card of endings and transformations.  My sister was laid off from a job she had worked for almost 12 years. That unwelcome ending prompted her to pursue a new career in real estate.

The Sun is a fantastic card.  It is arguably the best card in the deck.  It brings sunshine and warmth and victory and vitality and happiness and success to any situation.  The Sun predicts a positive outcome, so the answer to the question must be “yes, Renée will pass the exam with flying colors.”

The funny thing about yes-or-no questions is that there’s a 50% chance of getting it right. Those are pretty good odds. Even if my prediction is correct, how can I be sure that the cards are accurate? Could the correct answer be a fluke based on the even odds?  Are the cards really saying “yes,” or am I simply formulating an opinion based on the appearance of the sun card? I’m left with a few unanswered questions. Perhaps I should dig a little deeper to see what else these cards may be trying to tell me.

The cards to the left of the Lady represent the recent past, or how things stand right now in the present.  The House suggests that my sister is feeling secure.  She feels comfortable and familiar with the material for the test, and perhaps overly confident (standing on a solid foundation).

The Coffin can be a nasty card. In fact, for a yes-or-no question the Coffin will usually respond with a clear and definite “no.” The Coffin predicts failure, and brings a false sense of comfort and security to the House card.  The way things stand right now, that coffin card offers little hope that my sister will pass the exam despite her feelings of confidence.

The cards to the right of the Lady represent the future in relation to the question.  The Whip talks about physical effort. The ideas of discipline and routine work seem appropriate to the situation. Symbolically, that Whip card stands between Renée (the Lady) and her shining success (the Sun). She is going to have to buckle down and work harder if she hopes to pass the exam.

I told Renée that based on these cards it’s my opinion that she doesn’t have a shot in hell of passing that exam unless she digs in and works harder to really master the material. She was not amused. Luckily she gave her consent ahead of time for me to post the reading.

How will the outcome of the reading affect Renée’s free will?  Well, she may be empowered to work harder and perhaps pass the exam with flying colors as predicted by the Sun card. If she remains confident that she is already sufficiently prepared, she could fail the exam as predicted by the Coffin. Otherwise, the reading could be completely wrong, and Renée will pass or fail regardless of what she decides to do, but the choice is still left up to her.

Renée is scheduled to take the exam in the first week of November, and she should have her test results by the beginning of December.  I’ll post an update at that time whether she passes or fails, and I’ll also outline how the reading may have influenced her free will in this situation.

In the mean time I’ll search out other unsuspecting friends and family members I can empower with my predictive reading experiments. 🙂

Update Nov 28, 2011:
Great news! My sister passed the state exam for her real estate license, and she is now a licensed sales associate.  She said she took the card reading to heart, and refocused her energies on actually understanding the material, rather than just being able to recall the facts. We’ll never know if she would have failed the exam otherwise, but Renée is grateful, and she asked me to do another reading on her prospects as a newly licensed real estate agent. I’ve recently learned a new Entrepreneurial Spread that will be perfect for this reading.  I’ll be posting the new reading soon.


7 thoughts on “Predictive Lenormand Reading – Pass or Fail?

  1. Diane says:

    I’d love to be a guinea pig for your predictive reading experiment and will happily give you feedback!

  2. andybc says:

    I think you are quite right. From my own experience when I ask a question about a test and we get the Rod/Whip card it can show second time you’ll be successful. In addition, if it’s a written test, it’s also shown itself as frantic writing – it’s the card of secretaries, writers etc – rushing to beat the clock, and 90 % of the time they’ve not managed it. They also tell me I didn’t finish a question… The second time round they are more prepared. The Sun is in a good position, but the Coffin is reflecting it. This however could be your sister’s change in the career direction.

  3. Mama Whodun says:


    For me the Coffin falling as the first card on a yes/no is a definite no. It can also show that the person will not follow the advice of the reading or is not really a believer in the cards (unless they say what they want to hear…lol) I concur with Andybc that the Whips #11 as a double card can mean passing the exam the second around!


    • Hi MW, thank you for sharing your insights. My sister is a believer in the cards, but it would be very much like her not to follow the advice of the reading. I will keep you posted. 🙂

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