What Happened to Mona’s Money – Part 4


October 19, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

Heidi’s ex-roommate Mona is all worked up again over the money that was stolen from her lingerie drawer. On Sunday morning, in a fit of madness, she shrieked at me over the phone about how she knows perfectly well what it costs to secure an apartment, and hire a moving van. Now Mona is convinced that her entire life savings was appropriated by Heidi in order to fund her recent move. Heidi continues to proclaim her innocence, and insists that she borrowed the extra cash for the move from her mother.

Mona is equally convinced that the man and woman who showed up in the last reading I did about the missing money represent Heidi and myself. Of course her accusations are ridiculous. I had set the specific intention that the Lady card would represent Mona’s sister Jody in that reading (please see What Happened to Mona’s Money – Part 3 for the details). Mona wouldn’t even consider the possibility that her drug-addict sister could have been involved in the theft.

On Sunday afternoon Heidi challenged me to ask the Lenormand cards flat out if she was responsible for the theft of Mona’s money.  I thought it was a magnificent idea; in fact, I had wanted to suggest it from the start, but I was worried that it might offend her.  I didn’t want Heidi to think that I question her innocence because I honestly do not.

I set my intention that the Lenormand Lady would represent Heidi.  I shuffled the cards while focusing on the question, “Did Heidi Steal the money from Mona’s lingerie draw?”

Baralho de Cartas Ciganas by Rosalinda da Matta

I don’t see any indication in these cards that Heidi is guilty of taking that money. The Mice on one side show that Heidi is nervous and stressed out by recent events, and the Heart on the other side describes her as the caring, compassionate person I know her to be.

The Clouds bring tension and turmoil, and cast an ominous shadow over Heidi’s happiness which is represented by the Flowers. It’s obvious that Heidi has been under enormous stress due to the strain and confusion surrounding the missing money; not to mention the continued pressure from Mona and her groundless accusations. The situation has been eating away at Heidi’s sense of well being. The Clouds also obscure the truth. Heidi doesn’t have any idea about what happened to Mona’s cash.

The Heart represents Heidi’s desires, and the Stars indicate that Heidi wants to make a fresh start. She is taking a new direction to find the stability promised by the Lenormand Anchor. These cards don’t show a woman who stole money in order to finance her move; they show a woman wanting to move in order to get away from the stress and abuse that resulted from that theft, and finally get back on solid ground.

I believe with all of my heart that Mona’s sister Jody stole that money.  The Lenormand cards previously pointed to her as the thief, and now I’m curious to see if the cards will confirm that earlier prediction.  I set my intention that the Lady would represent Jody this time, and asked the cards if Jody stole the money from Mona’s lingerie drawer.

The cards could not be any clearer. There is no doubt in my mind that these cards frame Jody as the culprit.  The Lady is flanked by the Snake which warns of lies and betrayal, and the Fox which reveals theft and deception.

The Moon is about emotions and imagination, and the Scythe deals with actions and decisions.  Jody took decisive action based on sheer emotion, without any thought to the consequences of the deed. I also have the sense that Jodi was motivated by a desire to get back at Mona for some prior emotional slight or perceived injury.

The Letter is news or communication, but often the Lenormand symbols are profoundly literal.  My impression is that the Letter represents the envelope filled with cash that was stolen (Fox) from Mona’s lingerie drawer.  The Ring brings a satisfying solution; it’s a positive response to the question of whether Jody took the money. Again I get the sense (this time from the Ring) that Jody felt entitled to that money for her own twisted reasons.

It’s a darn shame that Mona continues to harass Heidi about the missing money, and yet she refuses to even contemplate the possibility that her sister would steal from her.  I’m not prepared to condemn Jody on a throw of the cards, but I believe she had ample opportunity, and her possible involvement should be thoroughly investigated before Mona starts pointing the finger at anyone else.

I can only hope that the Letter and the Ring also symbolize a written message that will resolve the situation, and that Mona will finally learn the truth about what happened to her missing money.


4 thoughts on “What Happened to Mona’s Money – Part 4

  1. redleppard says:

    I was wondering just the other day about this saga………..thanks for the update.

    • Thanks for following along. This is probably the last installment now that Heidi has moved out, and I don’t plan on taking Mona’s calls. Regrettably I can’t be friends with the both of them right now.

  2. Mama Whodun says:

    Dang! Since when does 287 greenbacks move anyone anywhere in the US of A? Mona was card 09 the Flowers (Queen of Spades) as Heidi’s roommate and friend but now she has become unpleasant- a raging dark cloud of emotions and blame 06- the Clouds (King of Clubs) all over her (small) monetary loss ( 23- Mice).

    Heidi definitely wants what she lost back (23-29) namely her peace of mind (24-16). According to these cards she is so looking forward to love and luck ( 24-16) in her new port (36) out of that old storm!


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