Lenormand Overview Spread for the Next 12 Months – When Will She Meet Mr. Right?


October 14, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

Last night I went to Mona’s place to help Heidi pack for her upcoming move. The key to the new apartment at Indigo Pines will be available on Saturday morning, and we’ll spend the rest of the day moving all of her stuff into her new home.

While we were apartment hunting last week I did a reading for Heidi using the Lenormand Dilemma Spread to help her decide between the apartment at Indigo Pines and another location she was considering. The reading hinted at the possibility of a new man coming into Heidi’s life if she chose the apartment at Indigo Pines. Ever since she signed the lease, Heidi has been hounding me to ask the cards about this new mystery man. Finally last night to shut her up I agreed to do the reading.

My friend Heidi is a pack rat. We were up to our ears in boxes and bubble wrap, and both knew it would be a long night. At around 10:00 pm we agreed it was time for a short break. Heidi put on a pot of coffee, and we split a cannoli from the box of Italian pastries I had picked up on the way over. Then I reached for my deck of Lenormand cards.

Heidi wanted to know when she would meet the new guy, and so I threw a quick spread for the coming year.  I wanted to see if I could pinpoint exactly when he would to walk into her life.  I shuffled the cards while focusing on Heidi’s love life for the next 12 months, and the specific question of “when” Heidi will meet her new man. I set my intention that the Gentleman card would represent this new man if he happens to show up in the spread.

Next I drew 12 cards, one for each month of the coming year. All the cards were intended to relate specifically to Heidi’s love life. I included the current month because it’s possible Heidi could meet Mr. Right before Halloween, but according to the cards that does not seem likely.

The Lady in October indicates that Heidi will be focused mainly on herself for the rest of this month. That makes perfect sense. She’s moving into a new apartment, and it will probably take through the end of the month for her to settle comfortably into the new place.

November looks to be a more dynamic month for Heidi.  The Garden is a sign that her social life is picking up once again.  Now that Heidi is settled into her new home, she is ready to step out on the town. The focus this month is on going out, partying, meeting new people and having fun.

Bingo! December will be the month for romance. The Heart heralds the beginning of a new love relationship for Heidi.  The increased social activity in the month of November will pay off handsomely in December. Heidi could meet that someone special before Christmas.

Uh oh. The Lenormand Clouds shows problems on the horizon. It looks like that December romance will be sorely tested in January.  The Clouds bring uncertainty, instability and unpredictability to Heidi’s new relationship.  There could be commitment issues to deal with this month.

The Tower in February is about authority and ego.  The focus this month seems to be on what’s best for the individual rather than what is good for the relationship. In response to the tensions of last month, Heidi could find herself putting her foot down and taking a stand. She may feel obliged to voice her expectations, and set a few ground rules regarding the future of the relationship.

March reveals that Heidi’s expectations remain unfulfilled.  The Whip shows continued conflicts and argument within the relationship. On the heels of the Tower from last month, The Whip warns that a fierce clash of egos could lead to a crisis this month.

The Coffin casts a dark shadow of negativity and depression over the month of April, and announces the end of the relationship.

For the month of May the Ship shows Heidi moving on from the failed relationship.  It’s even possible that she will decide to take a trip this month to get away from the depressing situation.

The Clover in June brings positive energy, new opportunities, and a change in luck for the better.  Heidi will shake off the negativity of the past few months with the promise of better things to come.

Hooray! The mystery man steps into Heidi’s life in July. The Clover from last month predicted luck in love, and this month the Gentleman holds the promise of a hot summer fling!

The Anchor in August brings stability and longevity to this torrid love match. This could turn out to be more than just a fling; it looks like this guy could finally be Heidi’s “Mr. Right.” Apparently, that disastrous December attachment was simply meant to set the stage for the eventual appearance of her true love.

September will be a month filled with peace and contentment according to the Lily, which also confirms a long-term association with this new man.  It looks to be a lazy month during which Heidi and her new man will share quiet and comfortable times together.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this new gentleman begins spending a lot of time with Heidi at her apartment.  I doubt she’ll miss that idyllic view from Shadow Lakes that she was forced to abandon when she opted for the larger, more comfortable space at Indigo Pines!


2 thoughts on “Lenormand Overview Spread for the Next 12 Months – When Will She Meet Mr. Right?

  1. kali says:

    I love how you analized this spread..wish good luck to Heidi..is it possible that Gentleman card to announces she will meet the right man in July (The Anchor near the Gentleman card) after she recovers from the failed romance?

    • Hi Kali, thank you. I will pass on your wish to Heidi. 🙂

      Yes, I think the Clover in June indicates that Heidi recovers from the failed romance just before the new man enters the picture in July.

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