The Lenormand Dilemma Spread – Which Apartment?


October 2, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

My friend Heidi is apartment hunting.  The situation with her current roommate Mona has continued to deteriorate, and Heidi has decided it’s time to find a place of her own. Yesterday we spent the day canvassing the apartment complexes in the area, and Heidi has narrowed her choices down to two places that she really likes.

The first place is an affordable studio apartment situated on a small shady pond in a complex called Shadow Lakes.  The studio is right off the pond and the view is awe-inspiring.  The disadvantage is that the single-room apartment is tiny.

The second choice is a larger, more costly, one-bedroom apartment in a woodsy complex called Indigo Pines.  This apartment is spacious compared to others we saw in the same price range, but it faces the parking lot at the front of the complex, and doesn’t offer a nice view.

Heidi has a dilemma.  She can’t decide whether to save money and sacrifice living space for the idyllic view; or to spend more on the parking lot view in order to have a separate bedroom. We decided it was time to consult the Lenormand cards for a bit of insight and perspective to help Heidi make up her mind.

For the Dilemma Spread I set my intention that Lenormand card 22, the Crossroads would represent the two options, and that the top branch would refer to Shadow Lakes, and the bottom branch to Indigo Pines. First I asked the question, “What will be the outcome if Heidi takes the studio apartment at Shadow Lakes?” and drew three cards. Then I asked, “What will be the outcome if Heidi takes the one-bedroom apartment at Indigo Pines?” and drew three more cards.

Looking first at Shadow Lakes, the Anchor identifies a place by water, an indication that the cards are tuned into the question. The Anchor also talks about long-term prospects. The Gentleman represents a man who will affect or influence the long-term prospects of this location, and the Mice shows a negative outcome: loss, worries, anxieties, annoyance and frustration.

We can only speculate on who the man might be, perhaps a neighboring tenant who will create problems for Heidi.  It strikes me that the Mice may also indicate actual destructive pests, such as rodents or insects.  Whatever the meaning, Mice is a pretty clear indication of future problems at the Shadow Lakes apartments, and the stability of the Anchor may mean that Heidi will not be able to get out of her lease easily despite the problems. She could be stuck there for a while, and that breathtaking view may not be worth the troubles.

Next we took a look at the larger one-bedroom apartment at Indigo Pines.  The Birds shows compatibility, and promises Heidi a more comfortable situation and better relations with her neighbors.  The Birds also represent companionship, and although the one-bedroom is small for taking on a roommate, if Heidi finds a romantic partner in the near future, the larger space would be more comfortable for two.  (Looking back at Shadow Lakes, the Gentleman + Mice shows that the studio would not be as accommodating.) Finally, the Birds can denote a place ‘near-by,’ and Indigo Pines is closer to Heidi’s job, so again the cards seem to be perfectly in tune with the question.

The Book reveals the unknown, and the Key unveils Heidi’s destiny.  There are advantages to living at Indigo Pines that Heidi isn’t even aware of yet, and those benefits may far outweigh the lousy view.  The Key shows a positive outcome that is in alignment with Heidi’s highest good, and promises that Indigo Pines is where Heidi is meant to be!

There is no longer any question about which apartment is the better choice, and Heidi decided to put her application in at Indigo Pines today.  She said she had been leaning toward the larger one-bedroom anyway, and the cards merely provided the nudge she needed to trust her own instincts.


6 thoughts on “The Lenormand Dilemma Spread – Which Apartment?

  1. Mama Whodun says:

    Great spread for looking at the situation with your friend Heidi. It was quite clear. Way to go Lenormand Sleuth!

  2. andybc says:

    A very clear spread Lenormand Sleuth; and brilliantly done. I hope Heidi enjoys her new home.

  3. Eric Ting says:

    I like your spread for decision making.

    I would like to share my thought of renting the apartment at Indigo Pines.
    Since there is a car park is located nearby, noises created by the vehicles from time to time may be a lot uncomfortable.
    Not sure if there is a busy junction nearby as well. : )

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