5 Card Daily Draw – Writing and Forward Progress


September 23, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

The Lenormand cards are particularly useful for answering specific questions, but I find that my general readings lack a similar focus.  I suspect part of the problem is that each Lenormand card has multifaceted meanings, and it’s not always obvious which meaning should apply without the context provided by a question.

I’m finding this lack of focus problematic whenever I read the cards for groups of people because there are invariably those few who insist that they don’t have any specific issue to focus on, but would appreciate just a general outlook on the next few months.

In this situation, I could set my intention on a few key cards to cover the major areas of life, such as career, money, love, etc., which could work well for an in-depth private reading, but I’m talking about the need for a general mini-readings on the fly.

In an effort to acquire some extra practice with interpreting a general reading on the fly, I though it might be helpful to start pulling daily cards for myself, and keep track of the results.  In most cases, the information that shows up should be readily verifiable, and this exercise will provide me with a unique opportunity to see how the cards want to  talk about day-to-day events.

5 Card Daily Draw for September 23, 2011:

I set my intention that Lenormand Card 38, the Gentleman, would represent myself.  I asked the cards to show me what my day will be like today.

The Letter shows me doing some writing today, and the Book could be my blog.  That would seem to be the most likely interpretation, although a more mysterious characterization would be the receipt of a secret or private message, or some unexpected news.

The Tree shows me feeling grounded and expansive today, and the Storks has me on the move.  Other possible meanings for these cards is “spiritual progress” and “health improvements.”  It’s not likely that I will experience any life changing events today; although it’s true that they often occur in a single moment’s time.  I think if I keep an open mind, I’ll be able to make good progress today: particularly with my writing projects.

Not an earth-shattering revelation, but daily events rarely tend to be.  All in all it looks to be a healthy, happy and productive day.

As today draws to a close, I reflect on the events of the day, and conclude that it was a healthy, happy and productive day exactly as predicted in the cards.  I did not receive any noteworthy messages: secret, private, or otherwise.  I did spend a large part of the day reading and writing, and I did make good progress with a project that I’ve been working on.


8 thoughts on “5 Card Daily Draw – Writing and Forward Progress

  1. kali says:

    I would suggest you the square of nine cards spread and can be used when you want a general look at the next month or so but don’t want to throw a full board.
    The way it works is to first read the corners – Cards 1, 3, 7, and 9, then to read the inside of the
    spread – Cards 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8. Card 5 is your focus card and it will give the theme of the
    reading(don’t choose it in advance, just let it fall).
    After that, you can look at the horizontal and vertical rows, and the diagonal rows.

    • Hi Kali, thank you. I appreciate the suggestion. 🙂
      I have tried the 9 card spread but I still have problems trying to pin down specific predictions unless a thematic card such as ‘work’ or ‘money’ or ‘love’ shows up in the middle. Otherwise there seem to be too many possible interpretations because the cards have so many possible meanings. 😦

  2. kali says:

    well ,I use a spread that gives good results,no matter if it’s a general reading or a specific theme.You may try it to see if it’s working for you.
    I call it “the surprise spread”.It uses 16 cards,5 position with 3 cards per position and 1 card as surprise.
    1.What you know or present – 3 cards
    2. what you don’t know or events that affects the present-3 cards
    3.Unexpected events you can’t controll it-3 cards
    4.soon or near future- 3 cards
    5. futher future – 3 cards
    6. surprise – 1 card

    I’m not so in fond for using “No layout” spread for a general reading,only for specific questions but there are many other good spreads that work perfect

  3. andybc says:

    Another great post, and I agree general readings can be that little bit tricky due to the variables.

    When I see my clients (albeit they mostly request tarot) and they don’t have specific questions I do tend to use the nine card linear spread with the Lenormand first. I use the 3×3 square to investigate a card rather than a general reading.

    The nine card linear spread gives me an overview I can then use to focus on. The fifth card tends to provide a thematic focus, or hinge, as it combines with the fourth and six cards. You go left to right, 1+2, 2+3 etc and then you close with reflection (1, 9, 2, 8 etc). You’ve then got a really good overview what’s going on for your querent.

    I’ve only just discovered the no layout, which is what I think you’ve used for the daily, but as it uses a ‘key card’ it introduces a specific. I try to avoid the specifics in general readings.

    Key cards aren’t new; they derive from the latter parts of the Grand Tableau where after you’ve done the lines, divisions you go to a specific card for an area of the person’s life i.e. Moon for work and so on. I would never use a key card or set an intention in a general reading, only randomly pull cards. Setting the intention of having the gentleman as you adds a concept or a specification rather than letting the cards speak generally.

    • Hi andybc, thank you. I appreciate you sharing what is working for you. 🙂

      I only recently started to set the intention of using the Gentleman in order to spotlight myself in my daily draws. When I was drawing random cards only, I would find that most days the reading pertained to someone or something around me that did not necessarily affect me directly. By including the specification, the cards seem to always focus on me even if the reading is hum drum on days when nothing significant happens in my life.

      • andybc says:

        I understand exactly what you mean: I only recently tried doing daily readings with the petit jeu. I’d done one card daily tarot reading for a while. The reason I’d not tried the Lenormand was that I knew that they were so ‘talkative’, I’d be getting potentially too much information or stuff about someone else. When I started I was seldom getting anything about me.

        Like the Oracle de la Triade I had to change my question. Rather than ‘what is happening today’, I have to say ‘what is happening to me today’. If I use the former I more often than not get something about someone close to me, or once something departmental from work.

        BTW I loved the post about the cheating husband.

  4. Thank you again for your wisdom. My mother is a Tarot reader, but I did not have any interest in card reading until I discovered the Petit Jeu. I don’t read professionally (I’m not even sure if I want to read professionally), so I’m still getting my bearings, and the feedback is super helpful.

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