What Happened to Mona’s Money? Part 3


September 20, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

The adventure continues! Heidi and I had a long talk with Mona on Sunday night, and here is a list of facts and clues so far in the investigation based on information supplied by Mona, Reggie and Heidi:

  1. Mona  noticed that the envelope was missing on Thursday of last week. She last saw the money on Thursday of the prior week.  At some point during that week the money was taken.
  2. There were no repairmen, salesmen or maintenance workers in the apartment during that time (Mona checked with the office to confirm that there was no maintenance done on her apartment that week).
  3. Mona did not have any gentleman callers during the week in question, Heidi did not entertain any male visitors during that week, and Reggie did not have any male friends by the apartment that week.
  4. Only three people knew about the stash of money: Mona, Reggie and Heidi.
  5. Only four people have keys to the apartment: Mona, Reggie, Heidi and Mona’s mother.
  6. There was no evidence of a break in, and nothing in the apartment was disturbed other than the contents of the lingerie drawer.
  7. Both Heidi and Reggie swear that they did not take the money.
  8. Either someone is lying, or the culprit was not a man, or possibly both.

In reference to item number 3, I learned that technically Mona did have a male visitor to the apartment last week: her 3 year old nephew Chad.  Mona’s sister Jody dropped by for a visit with her baby on Friday of that prior week.

Now it’s doubtful that a 3 year old would have scaled the dresser, rifled through the lingerie draw, and taken the money. But could the culprit have been female?  Is it possible that Mona’s sister Jody took the cash? Mona swears that it’s unimaginable, but I decided to see what the Lenormand cards had to say just to be sure.

I set my intention that card 29, the Lady, would represent Mona’s sister Jody.  I asked the cards, “Did Jody steal the money from Mona’s lingerie drawer?”

Oh, boy! And the plot thickens! A man shows up in the cards again in relation to the question of the missing funds.  The Gentleman falls directly next to the Lady, who we already know is Jody.  Therefore, the man is probably someone Jody knows, and possibly someone important to her. The Fox describes the man as cunning and untrustworthy. He must be our thief!

The Birds is about verbal communication.  It is possible that Jody knew about the stash and mentioned the money to this man.  The Birds is also a couple, and so it’s also possible that Jody and the thief were in on the burglary together. The image of the one bird flying the coop catches my attention.  I am reminded of a previous reading showing the man taking flight.

In the context of this reading, I’m going to interpret the Cross as misfortune, and its presence is a sure sign that this couple is up to nothing good.  If Mona learns that her sister was involved in the theft, it will cause her the pain and despair that I also associate with the Cross.

My hunch is that a man took the money, and that Mona’s sister was involved in some way: the Cross could denote her ‘guilt.’  At the very least she knows this man and may have told him about the money.  At worst, she was an accomplice to the heist.

Intuitively, the card images allude to a possible scenario: Jody could have shielded the man with her back while distracting Mona with talk (the Birds). While she and Mona were engaged in conversation, the man could have sneaked (the Fox) into the apartment and stolen the cash.  The Birds + the Cross show a conversation that leads to pain and misfortune.

I need to get back to Mona with this new information. I am hopeful that Mona can tell me if her sister is involved with an unsavory fellow (it’s no secret that Jody is unwed, and has no contact with her baby’s father).

It is doubtful that Mona would consider confronting her sister on the basis of a card reading, and I can’t say I blame her.  Anyhow, the combination of the Lady + the Birds + the Cross suggests that Jody will lie if confronted.  Regrettably, we may never know the if Jody was involved in the theft.


One thought on “What Happened to Mona’s Money? Part 3

  1. […] intention that the Lady card would represent Mona’s sister Jody in that reading (please see What Happened to Mona’s Money – Part 3 for the details). Mona wouldn’t even consider the possibility that her drug-addict sister […]

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