Chaz is Dancing with the Stars


September 20, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

Chaz Bono made his dancing debut last night on Dancing with the Stars.  With all of the controversy surrounding his appearance on the show, I thought it would be intriguing to see what the Lenormand cards have to say about his chances for success in the competition.

I’m sure everyone knows who Chaz Bono is, but just in case not, he was born Chasity Bono, daughter of the iconic entertainment duo Sonny and Cher.  Chaz  underwent gender reassignment to become legally male, and has recently published a book about his experiences.

I set my intention that card 28, the Gentleman, would represent Chaz Bono, and asked, “How will Chaz Bono do in the Dancing with the Stars competition?”

The Garden would represent the public or more specifically the audience. The Mountain shows rejection.  There has been an uproar from some fans of DWTS with regard to Chaz’s appearance on the show.  They regard DWTS as a ‘family show,’ and fear that Chaz’s participation may be a harmful influence on the children who watch the show.  I won’t go into how ignorant and ridiculous I find these arguments, but the cards are clearly highlighting the controversy.

The Stars can symbolize Chaz’s hopes and dreams regarding the show, or Stars could also represent his reputation or stardom.  The Cross is bad juju with regard to either interpretation. Regrettably, the Cross may foretell that Chaz’s hopes will be dashed, and that in the end his reputation will harm his chances for success on the show.

I didn’t want to ask specifically if Chaz would be voted out of the competition tonight, but based on these cards, he certainly could.  It’s a shame.  I thought he did an outstanding job on his Cha Cha last night, and I believe he has the talent to go far in the competition.

Chaz was safe in tonight’s result show, and he’ll live to dance another day!  I’m hopeful that he got a good percentage of viewer’s votes, and that the cards are wrong.  The other two couples that were in the bottom were not necessarily those with the lowest combined judge’s and voter’s scores, and so there’s no way to know Chaz’s exact placement in the combined scores from this week.  I will draw more cards before next week’s result show to see if they predict a more positive outcome.  Way to go, Chaz!

Update Nov 11, 2011:
It turns out that the Cross was referring to physical pain and not emotional pain. Chaz came out of the gate strong with his first dance, and the Stars card reflected the high hopes that he would do well in the competition. But due to injuries and chronic pain, as indicated by the Cross, Chaz did not do as well in his subsequent dances. He made a brave comeback for his last couple of dances, but it was too late. Chaz was eliminated on week six of the competition.


2 thoughts on “Chaz is Dancing with the Stars

  1. Sonia M. says:

    The cards seem to indicate that Chaz will experience success in the initial phase of the show, he will go far, but will not be the winner of the season.

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