The Lenormand Sleuth – What Happened to the Money? Part 2


September 17, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

Mona grudgingly agreed to help us figure out if a man may have had access to her lingerie drawer.  She said that the last time she saw the money envelope was Thursday of last week.  She gets her paycheck direct-deposited on Thursday, and she stops by the ATM to take out the $20 that she adds weekly to her stash in the lingerie drawer.  She noticed the money missing this past Thursday when she went to add this week’s savings.

Mona insists that the only man who had access to the money was her boyfriend Reggie, and she swears that he would never take her money in a million years.  I asked her to find out if Reggie had any male friends by the apartment last week, or if he happened to mentioned the stash of money to anyone in passing.  She said that she would and then let me know. In the mean time that does not give me much to work with other than to ask the cards flat out if Reggie is the culprit.

I set my intention that Lenormand card number 28, the Gentleman, would represent Reggie, and asked the cards if he took Mona’s stash of money.

These cards don’t appear incriminating in the least.  The Tree confirms what I already know of Reggie: he is a healthy, balanced, and grounded guy.  The Anchor shows that he’s steadfast and dependable.  This does not sound like a guy who would steal money from his girlfriend’s lingerie drawer.

The Snake indicates some challenges recently, but Reggie handled them in a balanced and healthy way.  When I look at the Child card, I immediately see ‘innocence.’   This guy is almost childlike in his faithfulness.  Reggie is surely not the culprit.

Unless Mona can think of another man who may have known about the money, and had access to her lingerie drawer, we’ve reached an impasse and Heidi is still in hot water.  At this point I decided it couldn’t hurt to draw a few cards to see if we could get a general description of the man that the cards previously fingered as the culprit.

This time I set the intention that card 28, the Gentleman, would represent the man who removed Mona’s money from her lingerie drawer.  Then I asked the Lenormand cards to describe the thief.

I was hoping to get a physical description of this guy, and the Lenormand Paths points to someone with lighter coloring and auburn hair.  The Storks would describe him as the tall and lanky type with long features.  I have no clue about who this guy could be, but I do know that this description does not fit Reggie, who is darker in coloring and heavier set.

The Lenormand Paths can also tell of double standards or someone leading a double life.  The Fish reveals someone highly intelligent and resourceful. This guy is probably not a novice when it comes to criminal activity, and the Paths could show that he is on the run.

The Storks indicates someone on the move, and confirms the impression that this guy doesn’t stay in one place very long. This idea also supports the original reading which showed that the money is long gone.  It’s curious that the Lenormand Letter shows up in the spread since it usually means some kind of written communication or documentation.  Maybe the Letter represents the envelope full of money that has mysteriously flown away.

Heidi is going to run this information by Mona tonight to see if it rings any bells.  I’m hopeful that Mona will be able to supply us with another suspect or two; otherwise, we’ve reached a dead end in our Lenormand investigation.


6 thoughts on “The Lenormand Sleuth – What Happened to the Money? Part 2

  1. kali says:

    sorry for your friend,
    I would say that this man is a calculated man.A man with dark grayish or dark brown hair who is well groomed and physicaly attractive,an elgant person.The eye color may be brown or hazel green.Medium to fair skin.Tall with long limbs and a long nose. The Letter points to communication.The “letter” individual are usually very communicative with specific information.College graduates,certified or licensed professional and they usually display their achievements with great pride.

    • Hi Kali,
      Thank you for sharing the additional characteristics. We’re still waiting for Mona to talk to Reggie about any other potential suspects. I will post any new information we gather. Thank you for following along with this crazy investigation! 🙂

  2. andybc says:

    Has Mona had anyone in the apartment for repairs or checks? The Road + Stork to me look like a man who visits multiple places. The Letter looked like ‘by appointment’.

    Physically I get the impression of someone tall (Storks), dark haired (Fish) perhaps with two jobs (Roads). Storks + Fish tends to be quite well presented too, and the Letter could be either letters after his name or some sort of business correspondence. That makes me wonder if Mona had an appointment/someone in to do some work.

    One thing I noticed in the three readings: your first one described a man who was private, but strong with broad shoulders etc (Book + Bear). The spread on Reggie describes someone similar (Tree + Anchor). The thing is the Snake was behind the tree – could Reggie have brought the person into the flat, and not Mona?

    • Thank you for the additional insights. No, Mona says there have been no repairmen or strangers in the apartment in the past week. I’m still waiting to hear if Reggie had anyone over while Mona was gone. I appreciate you following along with the investigation. 🙂

  3. Mama Whodun says:


    I am looking at the courts in the layout for the description of the thief and have used their “line of sight” to get into a description of the circumstances more so than just the man. At first glance the King of Diamonds would seem to be Reggie paired with The Queen of Diamonds Mona and that leaves the Queen of Hearts as your friend Heidi. In the scenario The Gent card faces Heidi and Heidi faces him. So based on this I think it is someone that Heidi knows. This goes back to the first card in the first reading- the Book.
    Anyway, The Queen of Diamonds (Mona) has her back to the Gent and his is to hers- so Mona doesn’t know the guy at all who took her $$$. The envelope is behind the Queen of Hearts so Heidi may have been the one to drop the dime about the cash ( letter is also a personal communication) to this man she knows. This does not make her the thief. He may have taken it while her back was turned or her attention was elsewhere. It seems from this court card analysis that it is Heidi who is withholding some details or information in this situation…

    • Thank you for your interpretation based on the court cards. Heidi swears she knows nothing about the missing money, and she insists that she did not have any male visitors while Mona was out. Of course she could be withholding information, and if that’s the case, we may never know.

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