The Lenormand Sleuth – What Happened to the Money? Part 1


September 16, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

My friend Heidi is frantic with worry.  An envelope containing $287 has gone missing from her roommate Mona’s lingerie drawer, and Heidi is the prime suspect.  Heidi insists that Mona must have misplaced the money herself, but Mona is convinced that Heidi is the culprit. Mona has demanded immediate repayment of the missing funds in full, or she says Heidi needs to pack her stuff and find someplace else to live.

Heidi is staying with me temporarily, and I mean TEMPORARILY, until we can sort out this mess.  Last night she asked me, “Can your fortune telling cards figure out what happened to the money?”  And I thought, ‘bingo! Lets see if the Lenormand cards can shed some light on what happened to Mona’s money!’

I suspected that this investigation was going to require more than one simple card spread. I decided to start with an overview to see if the money was indeed stolen or if it was simply lost or misplaced.  I follow the French Lenormand tradition; therefore,  I use the Bear to represent money.  I set my intention that the Lenormand Bear would represent the missing money, and I asked the question, “What happened to Mona’s money?

Rats!! The Ship says that the money is long gone.  Now there’s no point in asking Mona to pull out the lingerie drawer again just to make sure that the enveloped didn’t slip behind there.  The Scythe is a sudden and permanent removal.  That money was removed from Mona’s lingerie drawer, and the money is not coming back either. Mona is not going to be happy to hear that!

Ah ha!  The cards reveal that there was a man connected with the money before it disappeared. I did not set an intention on who the Gentleman could be; therefore, he could be anyone. The Book next to the Gentleman tells me that he could even be someone unknown to both Heidi and myself.  Or the Book may be talking about secrets, and this mystery man may be hiding something.

Now we just need to figure out who is the Gentleman.  For that, we are going to need Mona’s help. She should know if there were any men in her apartment since she last saw the money. Mona is not a huge believer in ‘fortune telling,’ but if it means finding out who really took her money, I’m hoping she’ll be willing to cooperate at the very least.

Heidi is going to call Mona later when she gets home from work to see if she can provide us with any male suspects.  Then we’ll see if the Lenormand cards will help us narrow down our suspects to real culprit, and get poor Heidi off the hook.  Stay tuned. I’ll post the results of that reading in Part 2 of “What Happened to the Money?”


4 thoughts on “The Lenormand Sleuth – What Happened to the Money? Part 1

  1. andybc says:

    What a terrible situation for Heidi to be in; it is so nice of you to help her. I just hope that the situation can resolve itself quickly.

    Like you say the money appears to be gone. Although tthe left side of the Scythe is against the Ship, so either she didn’t notice it straight away or it wasn’t sudden. I’m not sure that the Man would be unknown – the spine of the book is not against him, and the Bear faces him also. For me that would be not well known rather than unknown.

  2. Mama Whodun says:

    Hi Aristede!
    I concur with the first comment if you used the cards as shown that the page side of the book facing the Gent means he is known by your friend Heidi. Who else would come into the house except known parties? If there was no sign of a break-in then it was a friend of your friend OR one of Mona’s – they are room mates.
    I am German school and in this line Ship mirrors Gent- so it describe a male “foreigner” . Book page side mirrors Scythe -handle side – so I would say that the person is someone Mona met recently.
    ( moving on to Part II)

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