Oh Where Oh Where Can My Landlord Be?


September 1, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

The yearly lease agreement on my apartment expired yesterday, and I’ve been unable to get in touch with my landlord.  I’ve lived in this apartment for two years.  I really like it here, and it’s my intention to renew my lease for another year.  Last year I received the new lease agreement by mail several weeks before the old lease was up.

When I hadn’t heard anything by this past Monday, I began to worry.  I attempted to contact the landlord, but there was no response at either his office number or at his cellphone. I left several voice messages for him over the past few days, but still no response.  Here it is the first day of September when my new lease should go into effect, and still no response from the landlord.  I’m really starting to worry because not only do I not want to move, but I really can’t afford to move at this time either.

In stressful times I always turn to my trusted friend, my Lenormand Oracle deck, for helpful advice and wise counsel.  I wasn’t sure exactly what to ask since I don’t know if the lease agreement was lost in the mail, or if the landlord decided not to to renew my lease for some reason, or if perhaps the landlord is delayed in processing the renewal due to a personal crisis.  In the end I decide to ask the question that was foremost on my mind: “Will I be able to renew the lease on my apartment?”

I considered using card 27 the Letter or card 25 the Ring to represent the lease, but I don’t know for sure if a lease will be presented.  So I opted to use the House to represent the apartment in question.  I’m using my favorite Lenormand deck: The French Cartomancy.

At first glance the cards don’t seem to directly answer the question of whether or not I will be able to renew my lease agreement, but these cards do give me a general overview of the current situation.

The Clouds represents confusion, obscurity, and unpredictability surrounding the apartment.  The Clover shows a happy and beneficial situation prior to the uncertainty caused by the delayed lease renewal, and my failed attempts to reach my landlord.

I did not set an intention on who the Gentleman should represent, so he could be me or he could be the landlord since we are both central to the situation; or the Gentleman could be another person entirely.  The Cross indicates pain and distress and despair.  Is the Gentleman me suffering the distress and despair of having to pack all of my stuff and scramble to look for a new place to live?  Or does the Gentleman represent the landlord who has been delayed in forwarding a lease renewal due to his own pain and suffering?  I can’t really be sure, so I decided to draw another spread for clarity.

Again I set my intention that card 4 The House would represent my apartment, and this time I asked: “Will I be required to move?”

The Garden represents a positive environment, and the Ring is contract which could be my previous lease agreement.  The Moon shows how much I love the apartment, and the Mountain indicates that I have no desire to move.  These cards give me the impression that there were no issues with my previous lease agreement, I haven’t wrecked the place, and so there’s no reason why I would need to move in the near future.

Based on the clarification layout, my feeling is that the Gentleman in the previous reading represents my landlord. He must be experiencing some personal problems which is why I have not received a lease renewal agreement, and also why he has not returned any of my phone messages.  Phew!  It looks like I won’t have to move after all!

As soon as I receive word from my landlord, I will update this post with the outcome of the situation: whether or not I’m able to renew my lease, and why there was such a delay in hearing back from my landlord.

Update: September 2, 2011

I finally heard from my landlord tonight, exactly as predicted in the three card draw I posted on facebook: 

Three Card Lenormand Draw

Will I hear from my Landlord today?

The Premise: Mountain shows that contact has been delayed.
The Problem or Situation: Storks indicates a change in the situation for the better!
The Outcome: Stars shows a positive outcome, my goals will be met.

I think, yes, I will finally receive contact from my landlord today. The Stars gives me the impression that I’ll hear from him tonight!

It seems that the poor man was in the hospital. He did not elaborate on why, and I don’t know him well enough to ask why, so I have no idea if it was an illness, an injury, or just for tests. He did let me know that my lease renewal is sitting in his office ready, and he’ll send it out to me in the next day or two. Yay! I get to stay in my apartment another year!

The cards were on target once again! It’s interesting to me that the cards did not specify if the landlord was sick or injured or in the hospital, although the Cross could imply any of those possibilities. I’m tempted to do another spread to see if I can pick up some specific information about why my landlord was in the hospital, but I suspect that would be an unwarranted invasion of the man’s privacy, so I’ll curb my curiousity.


3 thoughts on “Oh Where Oh Where Can My Landlord Be?

  1. Mama Whodun says:

    Glad to see that you are posting again!

  2. tarot65 says:

    welcome back, I´m so glad to see you and share your experiencies, thank you

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