Can the Lenormand Cards Describe Your Car?


March 14, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

My friend Heidi took me to a party on Saturday night at the home of a co-worker, and I brought along my Lenormand cards.  I don’t advise taking your cards to a party unless you’re prepared to become the primary source of entertainment for the evening!

I must have done more than 25 readings by the end of the night.  Most of the readings were light-hearted and fun, but two or three were more emotionally-charged, and required a box of tissues that was kindly supplied by our lovely hostess.

The gathering was centered in the living room of a spacious home, and off to one side was a formal dinning room where the hostess sat me down to do readings.  Half way through the evening I noticed a smartly-dressed woman hovering at the entrance to the room.  She caught my eye as she passed by the doorway several times during the next few readings, but she did not request a reading for herself.

Finally, toward the end of the evening, the woman mustered enough courage to seat herself across from me at the dinning table.  I smiled at her in an attempt to put her at ease, and asked if she had a particular question for the cards.  She gave me a defiant look and said, “Yes, tell me what color my car is.”

My immediate reaction was to tell the woman what she could do with her car, but her demeanor convinced me that she was not being facetious. I sensed that although she did not believe in the cards, she desperatly wanted to believe. I decided, “Why not?” The Lenormand are fantastic for describing people and situations, why wouldn’t they do equally well with describing the woman’s car?

I focused on the Ship to represent the car, and asked the Lenormand to describe the woman’s vehicle.  As soon as I saw the Lily, I told the woman that I was picking up on an older model.  She grudgingly confirmed that she did own an older car.  The cards on the right of the Ship all indicate a strong emotional bond with the car.  I told the woman that the car seemed to have sentimental value to her, and she nodded silently. The Key talks about something significant about the car, and Lily could indicate that she has owned the car for a long time.  The woman nodded again.

I decided that the Mice were probably talking about some recent mechanical problems, and the Key might indicate something with the locks or ignition system.  I knew something this specific would either make or break the reading, so I took a deep breath and dove right in.  “You’ve had some recent problems with the locks or the ignition system,” I said.  The woman stared at me in shock.  When I realized I had hit on something, I was almost as shocked myself.  The cards had risen beautifully to this woman’s challenge!

The woman said that she had the ignition switch replaced in the car about a month ago. She had gotten into the car one day and the key would not turn in the ignition.  The car was a 1992 Mercedes Benz that she had inherited from her father after his death.  The car had great sentimental value to her.  I realized that the Key and Lily could also be describing the car as a spiritual connection to her dad after the loss shown by the Mice.

“You still haven’t told me the color of the car,” the woman reminded me.  I smiled and looked back down at the cards.  The Ship was flanked by the Lily and the Moon, and if a physical description of the car could be found, the clue would be in those two cards.  The Lily represents someone wise and gray-haired, or something cold and snowy white.  The Moon represents silverly light. Silver-gray is a popular car color.  I figured the odds were in my favor.

“Your car is silver-gray,” I said.  The woman studied me for a long moment before she smiled and nodded.


5 thoughts on “Can the Lenormand Cards Describe Your Car?

  1. Helen says:

    Very cool! It is so rewarding to hit the nail on the head. 🙂

  2. Shirlei says:


    Very cool! I love Lenormand.

  3. phoenixoracle says:

    Hi Lenormand Guy

    I have enjoyed reading through your post, and how you have broken down your spreads, it is obvious that you have read Sylvie Steinbach’s Secret of the Lenormand oracle, and her No layout technique. I wonder if I have come across you during our lenormand studies. Your style is also very similliar to a friend and another good lenormand reader Aristede. I look forward to reading more of your findings.


  4. Gogol says:

    Wow this is amazing. I feel a great satisfaction just by reading your story. I have been making great times with my Rider-Waite Tarot cards but I really fell in love with Lenormand cards though I don’t have the deck yet. Can’t wait till I could get mine.

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