Using Lenormand Cards For Trivial Matters Such As Pizza Dough!


February 8, 2011 by Art of Cartomancy

I’ve heard card readers say that the cards are a serious tool, and they should not be used for trivial matters.  I agree that the cards are indeed a serious tool, but I also believe that they are meant to be utilized for any practical purpose regardless of how seemingly trivial.

My Lenormand deck is a trusted friend that is always available for me when I need some guidance or advice.  I can’t speak for other readers or other decks, but my Lenormand doesn’t judge whether my questions are too trivial.  If the matter is of enough concern to motivate a card draw, the cards are always happy to respond with meaningful advice.

For example, yesterday afternoon I whipped up a large batch of pizza dough for a pizza party that I was hosting.  I used quite a bit of good flour and other costly ingredients in making the dough, so you might imagine my concern when after more than an hour of rest the dough had not risen.  I did not have time to waste with my guests about to arrive, so my first inclination was to scrap the whole batch and start over.  On the other hand,  I dreaded the thought of throwing away all of those good ingredients.  So I turned to my trusted friend to ask if I should just toss out the whole batch and start over, or if there was hope that the dough would eventually rise.  I drew the following cards:

The Clouds reflected my uncertainty and indecision about whether or not to scrap the batch of dough, or perhaps the uncertain state of the dough itself.  The Whip represents activity, so perhaps the ‘active’ yeast was still actively doing its magic.  The final card, The Two Roads, suggested that as a result of the activity the dough would double in size as normally expected.

Based on these cards, I opted to wait a bit longer to see if the dough would rise.  As predicted, 20 minutes later the dough had magically risen and doubled in size!

You can argue that this was a trivial matter beneath the dignity of such a revered tool, and a complete waste of the cards’ mojo, but if I had not consulted the cards, I would have thrown away the dough, and the wastefulness is not something I would consider trivial!

Thanks to my trusted Lenormand, the pizza crust turned out perfectly bubbly: crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, and the pizza party was a crazy success!


3 thoughts on “Using Lenormand Cards For Trivial Matters Such As Pizza Dough!

  1. Marina says:

    I like this post! In my opinion, if your oracle cannot answer trivial questions, then it’s not a good oracle. Besides, cards are not ‘revered tool’ – your mind is. 😉

  2. sofia says:

    could you tell me wich card appear when someone has a wichcraft?

  3. claudia olvera says:

    congratulations for your practice readings, keep on line, please, need more for your experiences, I mean the pizza recepie, looks delicious, and more readings ok?,greetings.

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