Lenormand Yin & Yang


October 27, 2010 by Art of Cartomancy

In ancient Chinese philosophy there are two complimentary forces that make up the world around us: Yin and Yang.  Yin refers to the receptive or feminine aspect, and Yang refers to the active or masculine aspect of the Universe.  Naturally, this balance of feminine and masculine energies can be found in the Lenormand oracle deck.

Generally speaking, the Lenormand cards which feature
Kings as their playing card insets are considered masculine, and the cards which feature Queens are considered feminine. For example, the Lenormand Clouds, associated with the playing card King of Clubs, would represent a masculine energy.  Conversely, the Lenormand Bouquet, associated with the Queen of Spades, would refer to feminine influences.  These gender distinctions can be very helpful for picking up details in a reading.

There are also Lenormand cards associated with certain playing card pips which are considered distinctly feminine or masculine.  For example, the Rider is considered masculine, as is the Ship.  Of course the Lady and the Gentlemen are the most obvious representations of the the masculine and feminine energy of the deck.

Arguably,  the quintessential representation of the Yin-Yang energy in the Lenormand is the Moon and the Sun.  The Moon represents the feminine aspects of emotion, dreams, intuition, imagination, and the subconscious mind.  The Sun refers to the masculine principles of action, achievement, ego, and conscious awareness.

Sample Reading Using Gender Influences:

This is a real-life reading done recently for the wife of a friend.  The questioner is just a few weeks pregnant, and she wants to know whether she will be having a boy or a girl.

For this reading I had the questioner cut the deck into three piles, and I turned over the top card from each pile beginning with the first cut.

The Lily and the Rider both represent masculine energy, so these cards suggest that the baby will be a boy.  Looking at the individual cards, the Rider suggests the actual birth, and the Lily gives the impression that the pregnancy will go full term.  The Key opens the door to an easy delivery with no complications, and suggests that a special karmic bond may exist between the mother and this new soul coming into the world.

The questioner will let me know the minute she learns the gender of the baby, and I’ll update this post with the outcome.


2 thoughts on “Lenormand Yin & Yang

  1. Sarah says:

    Could you tell me what deck this is? it’s really beautiful… thanks!

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