Musings on the Search for the Perfect List of Lenormand Card Combinations


December 20, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

When we’re  first seduced by the Lenormand Oracle Cards, many of us are dazzled by the cookbook lists of card combinations.   For most of us, it’s this ready catalogue of meanings that first draws us to this magical oracle.  

We think we’ve struck gold, and that all of life’s mysteries are contained in those enticing  lists.  We believe we’ve finally found a card reading method that practically reads itself!  We convince ourselves that if we can only memorize these long lists of card combinations, all of the secrets of the Lenormand oracle will be revealed to us.

We soon realize that the cookbook combinations can take us only so far.  We’re left with flat, uninspired readings that make little sense to us based on the canned meanings.  At first, we fault the method and the combinations we’re using, and we begin to search out other books and websites for the perfect list of Lenormand card combinations.  

Before long many of us find ourselves consulting two or three books or websites before deciding what a card combination means.  We start mixing and matching cookbook meanings from several different sources, and we become confused and frustrated by the vast number of possible interpretations for each two card combination.   In the end, many of us feel trapped by the canned meanings, and we become disillusioned.

If we stick with the cards long enough to get past these disappointments, we eventually realize that reading Lenormand is no different from reading Tarot or any other oracle.  The magic is in us, and not in somebody else’s preconceived list of card combinations. 

We learn that the canned combinations are guidelines only, and are rarely applicable to a real life reading.  Their main value is to teach us how the cards interact with each other.  They can provide remarkable insights into the meanings of  the individual cards, but they can’t interpret the cards for us.  

Once we can get past all the glitz and glamour of the Lenormand card combinations, the real magic starts to happen.  We put aside the books and lists, and the cards begin to combine and interact for us in very personal and individualized ways. The accuracy of our readings begin to soar.  

That is the true secret of the Lenormand oracle!


8 thoughts on “Musings on the Search for the Perfect List of Lenormand Card Combinations

  1. sylvie says:

    It is perfectly true. However beginners would be lost without combinations. Any book dealing with tarot or other card system will have an extensive combination chapter for that reason…The point though is to transcend those definitions to find how the cards talk to you. However good combinations offer solid escapes when you are stuck in a session and you need some extra help…


  2. claudiapb says:

    Great to read as I am just now starting out with Lenormand. This step has been influenced in great part by the absolutely amazing reading you gave me on AT. I still find treasure in that reading each time I return to it. I now own a Mystical Lenormand and am setting my foot upon the path. Many thanks to you!

  3. lenormand36 says:

    Hi Claudia,

    I’m so happy to know that the reading I did for you on AT was meaningful. I don’t think people realize how important feedback is to a reader because that’s how we continue to learn and develop our skill. Thank you! 🙂

    Welcome to the Lenormand club! These cards are going to forever change the way you approach a card reading.

    My best [unsolicited] advice is to choose one method of study and stick with it until you have a good basic understanding of the cards. Otherwise, the various styles, traditions and techniques can become confusing.

    If you decide to follow Sylvie’s method, you’ll find the book will give you a wonderful foundation, but there is real magic in the virtual workshop on AT. I go back and review the practice cases from time to time, and I always learn something new and useful.

    Best of luck to you on the Lenormand path!

  4. spiritsong says:

    Hi Aristede 🙂

    I agree with what you said to Claudia..whether it’s Lenormand, or playing cards etc. it’s best to stick with one system to get a system of meanings embedded into the subconscious. From that place, the intuition starts flaring with meanings personal to you (as you and I have both experienced!)-
    As Sylvie pointed out, the goal is to transcend the cookbook…but it’s still nice to have a great cookbook to fall back on! lol
    and when you’re first starting out, some guidelines from someone who’s really adept with the cards is invaluable.

    Happy New Year to you –


  5. cardlady22 says:

    Which deck do these charming cards come from?

  6. lenormand36 says:

    Hi cardlady22,

    It’s the Nieuwe Lenormand Waarzegkaarten by Erna Droesbeke. It’s published by Amber Studio in Belgium.

    There’s a book that goes with the deck, but since I don’t read Dutch I didn’t think it would do me much good. 🙂

    Here’s a link to a few more images:

    They really are charming, and I’ve been drawn to using them a lot lately.

  7. Lorrie Kazan says:

    Hi: where do you buy this deck from? Thanks, Lorrie

  8. wonder if you would bekind enough to do me a reading with these beauitful cards..iam a spiritulist medium with over 20years plus experience behind me and of course a life time of experience infront of me to gain and to pass on..i would like to know will i ever be given the chance to demonstrate my mediumship in spiritual churches or centres..i feel im being blocked in someway from demonstrating my gift,it would be nice to recieve some form of direction or advice from yourself or any reader that uses your informative site..yours with many thanks dermot

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