Line of 5 – Should I Stay or Should I go?


November 23, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

I rarely get male clients, but yesterday afternoon a young man walked into the bookstore for a reading about his career.  Most of the readings I get seem to be about “Will he call?” or “Is he romantically interested in me?”  Therefore, even though this isn’t exactly a “text-book” reading, I thought it was interesting enough to share (with the querent’s permission of course).

Ralphie was fired from his job as security alarm technician at the end of October.  He applied to several companies in the area where he lives, and jumped at the first job offer from at a small ‘mom & pop” company.  He has been with the new company for 2 weeks, and he just got another offer from a larger, more prestigious company.  Ralphie is not sure whether to stay in his current position, or accept the new offer even though the difference in pay is only $1 an hour.

I decided to do a separate Line of 5 reading on each company to see where Ralphie would be the happiest and the most successful.  For the Line of 5 layout I shuffle the deck while focusing on the client’s question, and then randomly draw 5 cards to provide the answer.

Question 1: What will be the result if Ralphie stays at his current company?

The Lily + The Fish + The Bear + The Dog + The Ship

Lily + Fish = at the current job Ralphie’s job experience and skills are being utilized.  Ralphie feels comfortable in his current job, and he has the freedom to work independently.
Bear + Dog = the current job could lead to a managerial position where he would manage his co-workers.  The Bear also shows good financial prospects, and The Dog shows a friendly work atmosphere.
Ship = this position offers potential for expansion and possible travel in the future.

I told Ralphie that the prospects look great with the current company.  He shared with me that his boss had already hinted that Ralphie was being groomed to run the small company, and after only two weeks, he has already been given a $2 raise in pay.  The boss recognizes and values Ralphie’s experience and know-how.

Question 2: What will be the result if Ralphie accepts the position at the new, larger company?

The Heart + The Cloud + The Man + The Child + The Coffin

Heart + Cloud = Ralphie’s desire is to accept the new position, but he’s confused whether about whether or not it would be the right move.  Ralphie doesn’t see the situation clearly, and the new position may not be everything that he is expecting.
Cloud + Man = the Man represents Ralphie, and for this card to show up it means that this job is very important to him.   The Cloud shows that Ralphie will feel a lack of stability in the new position.
Man + Child = these card usually represent a man who is naive or small in stature, but in this reading I feel it represents Ralphie’s entry-level seniority with the new company.  I get the feeling that his experience and know-how will not be utilized in this position as in his current job.
Coffin = a dead end, no chance for advancement, depression.  Ralphie will not have an opportunity to advance in this company.  He will remain in a subordinate position, and not move into management.  In the end, he will not be happy at this company, and will not stay long in this position.

I told Ralphie that I could see that his heart was already in the new position, and he agreed that in his heart he did want to accept the job with the new company.  I warned him about the challenges he would face, and Ralphie shared with me that he had friends who worked there, and he had heard that the owner of this company was a ‘cheap skate’ and was not generous with pay raises, and did not normally promote from within.  The attraction for Ralphie is that this company handles more commercial accounts, which is what he enjoys most.  He is willing to sacrifice career advancement for a chance to do what he loves.

I thought it was interesting that one job ended in the Ship, and the other in the Coffin.  Both suggest that the positions are probably not permanent, but Ship suggests moving on to bigger and better things, while Coffin feels more like an ending, and starting again from scratch.  Ralphie has his heart set on the new position, and had already decided before the reading that he would take the new job offer.  At least he’s now aware of the challenges he may face with the new company.


4 thoughts on “Line of 5 – Should I Stay or Should I go?

  1. sylvie says:

    Actually this is the perfect example on how clients can waste money on hiring good psychics -which was a very good reading Aristede- and then will still go on to make the wrong choice! We can’t change human nature, it is indeed unfortunate. But I have seen this kind of free will so many times…How did you feel about his decision, Aristede? I would like to know your take now that you do it in a professional setting. Were you ok? I had in some occasions shake my head in disbelief dealing with this kind of reaction…I hope that he won’t end up regretting his decision!


  2. lenormand36 says:

    Hi Sylvie,

    Thank you! Your comments mean a lot to me because I think of you as my mentor. 🙂

    Yes, it was frustrating for me because it was so clear that the client was making the wrong decision. It does seem like a waste of his money and of my time because he had already made up his mind even before he sat down for the reading that he was going to accept the new postion. He didn’t seem at all surprised by what the cards showed.

    I think there were other factors at play here such as a lack of self-confidence on the client’s part. I don’t think he felt comfortable with the opportunity for career advancement, and the new position was safer for him. When I tried to suggest this possibility, the client shut down, so I didn’t push the matter. I find that sometimes clients hear only what they want to hear.

    If he does end up regretting his decision, I hope he’ll come back to see me because I know that the cards can help him identify his strengths, and direct him to something better.


  3. sylvie says:

    Well spoken Aristede! We share the same sentiment regarding the process. I still have regular clients (for more than a decade!) who keep doing that all the time. They book their session even though they have already made the actions or choices. Then the reading shows that was the wrong move…Until now they did not care! I say until now because a lot of them have lost so much money the past year because they did not integrate my input that they are starting to turn around and their attitude is changing. Hard lessons for hard headed clients!

  4. lenormand36 says:

    Thank you, Sylvie!

    It’s good to know that hard headed clients do eventual turn around! 🙂


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