Line of 5 – Crossing Over


November 15, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

Here’s another “model reading” that I want to share.  Of course not all of my readings are this clear or this easy.  Most of the time I have to struggle to make sense of the Lenormand cards, but more and more I’m getting these crystal clear readings that seem to read themselves!

Death in the Cards

I’m always reluctant to predict a physical death in the cards because I know that a spiritual death or an psychological death is much more likely to show up in the Lenormand cards.  Also, I would hate to be wrong, and cause unnecessary pain and suffering.  Even if I think I see a death in the cards, I won’t predict it.  Today I did a reading where a physical death was not only obvious, it was expected by the person who received the reading.  I was sort of cornered into having to share what I was seeing in the cards.

The querent’s question – My grandmother is sick; will she be okay?

I pulled 5 random cards to answer the question:

Lily + Coffin + Ship + Letter + Bear

Lily + Coffin = An elderly person who is sick, the querent’s grandmother who is ill
Coffin + Ship = An illness and a crossing or passing
Letter = News
Letter + Bear = A financial document

The cards show clearly that the querent will receive news that her grandmother passes away,  and there will be financial paperwork that must be handled.

Lily + Bear = the elderly person is a family member (Bear can indicate a family connection)
Coffin + Letter = a will
Bear = money, finances

These cards also show that the querent will receive an inheritance from the grandmother when she passes.

Now, how the heck do you tell a querent that this is what you see?  I told her that it looks like her grandmother is very ill.  She told me at that point that the grandmother was suffering from a terminal illness and was expected to pass in 3 to 6 months.  Once I had that information, it was much easier to tell the querent what I saw in the cards.

The grandmother was undergoing Reiki treatments, and other holistic therapies, and the querent was hopeful that the illness could be cured.  It was difficult to have to tell her that the cards didn’t show her grandmother would recover.  I reminded her that readings are not etched in stone, and that she should not give up on the holistic healing, or give up hope.  The cards show the most probably future based on the NOW, and that can change in the next moment.


2 thoughts on “Line of 5 – Crossing Over

  1. u fan says:

    i have been subscribed 4 quite some time… i really like this post. u r an ethical reader, this much i can see — u followed standard protocal, ie- dont predict death.

    but i sympathize w/u on this. bereavement can b such a touchy (if not anal retentive) point in prediction– but we cant avoid death when part of our physical lesson = we r born 2 die, 2 leave this physical shell…

    best we can do: act upon, in addition 2 hoping, 4 a good medicine death. after all, it would suck 2 go 2 some cold grave just 2 have a really bad rep 4 war criminal activity (like dick cheney or somebody like herod … that lesson would mean u cant live what u did down). of course a disencarnate may b proud of that…

    anyway– i guess a tough thing about bereavement counseling/prediction:
    inheritance can b a tricky read. i found that what universe will call inheritance can completely differ from a human p.o.v … people often get hung up on man-made paper, interest, insurance, etc… but they open themselve 2 missing what they get handed down via ‘soul-growth.’

    keep working hard. u have a fun blog;)

  2. lenormand36 says:

    Hi u fan,

    Thank you for your comments!

    Yes, death is the one thing that none of us can avoid, but no one ever wants to talk about.

    This was a difficult reading, but the querent was really open to whatever I was receiving, and that really helped. Had that not been the case, I don’t think I would have elaborated on the reading.

    It didn’t occur to me that the inheritance could be something other than financial, but you’re absolutely right! I think the most precious inheritances are spiritual.

    Thanks again for stopping by and saying hello! 😉

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