No Layout – Is Love on the Horizon?


November 1, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

Trudy asks if there is a new love coming into her life in the next month so she doesn’t have to be alone for the holidays.  I used the No Layout Spread, and charged card 24 The Heart as the Key Card to represent Trudy’s love life.

Whip + Dog + Clouds + Heart + Mountain + Horseman + key


Clouds + Heart = emotional confusion or an unstable relationship
Heart + Mountain = Trudy is feeling lonely. Emotions are blocked or a relationship has grown cold.
Whip + Dog = a sexual partner

The cards on the left of the Key Card represent Trudy’s recent past relationship issues.  She was involved in a sexual relationship that wasn’t going anywhere.  Trudy is unsure of her feelings about this relationship.  Since there is no card to indicate that this relationship has ended, this is someone still in her life, and the situation is yet to be resolved.

Trudy shared with me that she currently has a live-in boyfriend, but they have been living more as roommates than lovers for the past month.  There has been no sexual contact, but there’s been no real talk of separation either.  Trudy is no longer in love with this man, but she’s not ready to end the relationship because she doesn’t want to be alone. The relationship is currently undefined and confusing to both parties (Clouds).

Mountain + Horseman = a new man enters Trudy’s life after a delay.
Horseman + Key = there is a karmic connection with this new man, and he has a significant role to play in Trudy’s life.

Yes, there is a new man coming into Trudy’s life, but he is delayed because of the current sexual relationship that she still needs to work through.  The Key promises that a new man is on the horizon, but the Mountain indicates delay due to her current relationship. 

Trudy shared that she has been waiting for someone new to come into her life before she makes a move to break off the current relationship.  I advised her that unfortunately the cards show that she needs to resolve the current situation to make room for the new man to appear in her life.  The current relationship is blocking (Mountain) the new love.   The sooner she can resolve the issues with her current boyfriend, the sooner the new man will enter the picture.


5 thoughts on “No Layout – Is Love on the Horizon?

  1. jaycetravel says:

    Hi Aristede,

    I agree with you “the Mountain” is going to bring some delays.Also, in Europe, this card is associated with foreign countries, the “homeland”. She might thus encounter someone who is a foreigner.But there is definitely someone coming up her way. Best wishes to Trudy.
    (I’m going to add you to my blogroll, BTW)

  2. lenormand36 says:

    Hi Jayce,

    I didn’t know about the Mountain meaning a foreign country, but it makes sense since one of the meanings I use for this card is ‘distance.’ I’ll pass this info on to Trudy.

    I’m glad you stopped by! I’ve added your wonderful weblog to my blogroll.


  3. jaycetravel says:

    Hi Aristede,

    actually I think I have never seen the Mountain meaning “foreign” or “distant place” in English references (books or websites). But in German and French references, it is most of the time, if not always mentioned …. which is funny, I think …

    and thanks for adding me 🙂

  4. phoenixoracle says:

    Hi Aristede,

    Nice interp there, that mountain can surely be challenge in the way to stop someone from entering her life. I think you did well to tell her, she needs to resolve things with her mate. She will only attract what she thinks about, and looking at it she is confused. When the time is right will he appear, although i don’t think it will be for a while yet.


  5. lenormand36 says:

    Hey Phoenix!

    I notice a big difference in your readings since you attended Sylvie’s workshop. I think you’ve gained more focus and confidence with the cards. I wish I could have flown in to take the class myself! I know it would have helped me tremendously too! Maybe someday. 😉

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