Chanah’s Line of 9 – Matters of the Heart


May 13, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

Okay, a few days ago I decided I would try my hand at the Line of 9 Spread that Chanah presents on her Freaky Fortune Teller blog.  I think I’m finally ready to post my lame results. 

For my first attempt with this layout, I decided on a general reading, and allowed the center, focus card to fall randomly.  The center card is The Heart indicating that this reading will be about my non-existent love life. 🙂

The tower starts off the line to indicate my current, single status. The Snake shows that my solitary condition is due to a betrayal.  Snake + Birds = untrustworthy communication, lies and deceit. Tower + Flowers shows that I’m generally happy being single–which is true, and Snake + Clouds show that I still don’t have the complete truth about what led to the end of my last relationship–which I suspect is also true. 

Birds + Ring shows a contract or agreement between two people (relationship).  Birds + Horseman shows that this is a new union coming into my life.  Ring + Bear shows a strong commitment developing (around the Heart).  Ring + heart shows marriage or a long term relationship, and Heart + Bear shows caring and nurturing. 

Bear + Rider indicates someone important coming into my life.  Rider + Clouds shows that I may not be sure about this person at first, but Flowers shows a happy outcome.

Unless I’m way off, these cards seem to indicate a new relationship coming into my life once I’m able to release the emotional baggage from the past.


6 thoughts on “Chanah’s Line of 9 – Matters of the Heart

  1. spiritsong says:

    I haven’t tried this spread yet, it looks like it gives alot of info!
    I think you analyzed it really well Aristede-
    but you’re right, it would help to come to an understanding of the past, and be able to release it, so that you can be open and available when this great person walks in! doing that bit of extra work now, will clean up the energy around you, and attract someone more in line with your desires, rather than your fears.
    I think Summer is going to be an interesting time for you! you deserve it! lol


  2. Chanah says:

    Not at my best today, but if you look at the Snake + Clouds (Queen and King Clubs), your former relationship could have ended because your ex is with someone else. Big OUCH on the betrayal aspect, which is certainly there with that duo.

    Birds + Rider: Two messages from people, though I’m hoping it’s happier news – with the Birds next to the Ring that’s a good sign, but the Rider coming out of the Clouds – well, he is on the bright side of the Clouds, so I’d say that whatever happened is getting resolved, and you’ll be getting good news about somebody new – though it may make you a little nervous (Birds).

    Ring + Heart + Bear does indeed show a really strong and lasting relationship, and it looks like the problems about happiness will blow over – Clouds + Bouquet.

    I hope it’ll be wonderful for you – and the cards look very good.

  3. Sammie says:

    Hello Aristede,

    You will probably be able to put down your emotional baggage soon – whenever you recognize you are carrying that extra stuff around it is a lot easier to put down.

    So many times, we don’t realize we are weighed down by this extra baggage so can’t even start to put it down.

  4. courtney says:

    why didnt you see this as someone coming into your life that is married but to whom you are arttracted? I would think he or she would be important and someone whom you hold in high esteem. has money and is generous to you with it. but you find out later he is married which hurts you. but you would have learned something valuable from this. any truth to my intuition?

  5. tamara says:

    Chanah! I wish it happend already what was in that your layout. I have a question how you drew cards for this layout – just rendomly from left to the right or form the centre and again it is random or in order one ofter another from the deck? Thanks a lot! Tamara

  6. lenormand36 says:

    Hi tamara,

    Yes, this was a general reading so I did not choose a key card. I shuffled and fanned the cards out and chose 9 cards at random one after the other placing them from left to right to form the layout.

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