Lenormand Daily Draw – The Hanky Panky Housewife


May 7, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

This morning for my daily draw I pulled the Ring, the Woman and the House.  The Ring + Woman represents a woman who is married or is involved in a relationship.  The Woman + House represents a woman who is family oriented and stable.  Together these cards represent a lovely housewife, but don’t give any indication of what’s happening with her.

For additional information, I decided to draw an additional card, and pulled the Snake.  The Snake represents lies and betrayal. It can reveal a problem, and can sometimes represent a devious woman or a female rival.  I think it was Stormy who mentioned that the Snake falling with the House can indicate plumbing problems–since the snake can represent pipes.  Perhaps I’ll hear news of a house wife whose day was ruined due to a leaky pipe in her lovely home.

I decided to draw one more card, and expected to see the Mice to show loss or damage, or maybe even the Cross to show grief.  Instead I was surprised to see the Dog.  Hmmm…the plumber, perhaps?  Probably not.  I think the appearance of the dog changes things.  The reflection of Ring + Dog shows a relationship with the person represented by the Dog, and Woman + Snake shows that our lovely housewife is being deceptive about it.  They’re probably rendezvousing in her home.

On the other hand, maybe it is just the plumber…

I decided that I should probably draw one more card just to be sure.  I got the Book. Nah, there’s definitely something shady going on in this situation. The dog is keeping secrets too.  Now in reflection we get Ring + Book which indicates a secret relationship.

Of course as I recently learned from a Freaky Fortune Teller, daily draws do not carry the same intensity as a formal reading, so I’m sure this will not turn out nearly as juicy as it sounds. 🙂


Okay, I guess I did get a little carried away with the whole secret love affair idea–but you can’t fault me for trying to spice things up a bit. 🙂 

It turns out that these cards were all about a leaky pipe.  My sister got a panicked phone call earlier from a friend who somehow managed to strip the faucet in her shower, and couldn’t get the water to turn off.  The friend knows that my brother-in-law (dog) does some plumbing work (book), and wanted to see if he was available to run over and turn the water off. 

My brother-in-law was at work, but with him on the cell phone and the friend on the home phone, my sister managed to relay instructions for the friend to turn off the main water valve until she could get someone out there to fix or replace the faucet. 

Not nearly as juicy as the story of the Hanky Panky Housewife, but still pretty gosh darn accurate!  I guess I should change the title of this post to ‘The Housewife and the Leaky Faucet.’



6 thoughts on “Lenormand Daily Draw – The Hanky Panky Housewife

  1. Sammie says:

    Hi Aristede,

    Perhaps, the last three cards are saying a friend of the housewife is being sneaky and keeping secrets from her. It would seem logical for the last three cards to be grouped together to clarify the first three.

    Or, perhaps a housewife type person is being sneaky and keeping secrets from a friend or even that she has been sneaking around and found out some knowledge about a friend.

  2. Chanah says:

    I do believe you missed your calling in life as a writer of Gothic romances 🙂 I’ve had these kinds of readings, too, and I love the way you can let your imagination run wild.

    It could be as simple as a houswife (Ring + Lady) at home (House), where a female friend (Snake + Dog) comes to visit, and they engage in some juicy gossip about secrets and what they think their friends are up to (Dog + Book).

    But I like your take better 😀

  3. Aristede says:

    Hi guys,

    Yeah, yeah, I admit that I got a little carried away with the housewife’s clandestine rendezvous! Lol!

    But these cards turned out to be right on based on my initial interpretation. I guess I should always stick to my initial impressions of the cards. 🙂


  4. Chanah says:

    Bravo! Very good call 🙂

  5. spiritsong says:

    OH wow! that is really funny Aristede!
    I forgot about the house/snake combo being around plumbing too – lol- I probably would have gone with the juicy story too! haha

    glad they were able to get the water off 🙂


  6. Aristede says:

    Hi SpiritSong,

    Yeah, I think this reading has restored my faith in the Lenormand. 🙂

    The Blue Owl deck has made a big difference for me with my readings. The Mystical Lenormand just doesn’t seem to work as well for me personally. I love the images, but I just don’t feel that I connect well with them.

    It’s funny – you know I’ve been searching for the ‘right’ deck for me. Well, Last week I traded with someone over at Aeclectic Tarot for a couple of different Lenromand decks- which should arrive any day now.

    I’ve been very excited about receiving them because I’d decided that one (The Lo Scarabeo Lenormand Oracle) was destined to be the ‘right’ deck for me.

    But the more I work with the Blue Owl, the more I sense something magical about it, and I’m beginning to think I may have owned the ‘right’ deck all along. 🙂


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