Lenormand Reading – Work and Career


May 5, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

As a follow up on the Question of picking up ‘work’ in the Lenormand cards, I thought I would post this reading I did recently for the daughter of a family friend.  She is 17 years old, and getting ready to graduate high school this year.  She has her heart set on going into plus-sized modeling, and wanted a reading to find out if she would find success in this profession.

The spread I used was the multi-level ‘No Layout’ created by Sylvie Steinbach as presented in her book The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle.  I ‘charged’ card 14 The Fox to represent the modeling profession, and card 29 The Woman to represent the girl requesting the reading.  Here are the cards that were drawn: (only the two cards to the left and right of the key cards are shown.  The Dog is included as a key card.)

My first impression of the reading is that the querent has the talent and natural resources to achieve success as a model, but that she may not have the necessary determination or self-assurance to survive in such a competitive field. 

First we’ll take a look at the cards surrounding 14 The Fox:

Stars + Garden indicate that the girl hopes to find fame and popularity as a model.

Mice + Bear show that modeling would a very stressful and demanding profession, although the Bear also shows that it would pay very well.

Although I did not charge the Dog card, it caught my attention in the spread as someone the querent knows. Next to the Bear, the Dog is probably a family member, and most likely the querent’s mother.

The birds represent conversation, and the Coffin indicates an ending. The Mice + Bear + Dog shows that the querent’s mother is stressed out by the idea of her daughter going into modeling, and the Bird + Coffin show that she is trying to talk the girl out of it.

Now let’s take a look at the cards surrounding 28 The woman:

Tower + Clouds could indicate that the girl does not have a clear sense of self. In her ambition to become a model, she is not seeing things clearly.  The Clouds suggest that she may not have a clear idea of what is truly involved, or that her ego is clouding her judgement.

Mountain + Cross confirm that the girl is timid and insecure, and would probably not do well in a demanding profession in which she’d be in the public eye.

I advised the girl that a modeling career was a very demanding job that would require a secure sense of herself and her abilities.  She would need a thick skin to survive.  I suggested that she might not have a realistic idea of what the job would really entail.

Her response was that her mother had been telling her the same thing. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Lenormand Reading – Work and Career

  1. spiritsong says:

    Wow Aristede,
    that’s really great! I like how you pegged the mother 🙂
    This is a wonderful example of how the cards can cut through to the crux of the matter..


  2. Sammie says:

    What a good reading, Aristede. Hopefully, this helped the girl have a realistic viewpoint.

  3. Aristede says:

    Hi Spirit,

    I notice that with readings I do for other people (or for myself) these cards do cut right to the core of the situation. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to get that same kind of focus with my daily draws.

    Phoenix has noticed that her daily draws often reflect the plot of whatever novel she’s reading at the time, so it could be that mine are reflecting something imaginary as well.

    You’re lucky that your dailies are pretty consistently about the business stuff going on with you.

    Anyway, I decided I’m going to stop the daily draws for a while and focus on musings and readings instead.

    Aristede 🙂

  4. Aristede says:

    Hi Sammie,

    Thanks, I hope so too. 🙂

  5. 36cards says:

    Freaky – I’ve just been having some Tower + Mountain experiences of my own. All I can add is that it looks like a dead end (Tower + Mountain surrounding the querent – not to mention that modelling agencies aren’t always on the up-and-up – another meaning there is large companies where things aren’t quite kosher), and the Clouds reinforce it – though with the addition of Clouds she could end up being ‘strung along’ by an agency that promises but doesn’t deliver (probably for a price – yikes!). So even if she got there, it looks like it would NOT be a good ride.

    I’d take a peek at one or two more cards, though – the Cross falling after that whole mess shows that the obstacles will eventually fade, but a card or two past the Cross might well hint at what becomes important – or more directly, where she might find some success.

  6. Aristede says:

    Hey Chanah,

    Thank you for your insights! 🙂

    I realized after I read your post on being squeezed between the Tower and Mountain, that I totally missed that aspect of those cards in this reading.

    I didn’t know that the Cross can indicate that obstacles will eventually fade, so I didn’t think to record the cards that fell after it. Too bad because I think it would have been interesting to see where it all might lead.

    Thank you again for you insights. I’m still learning, and your input is very much appreciated.


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