What work works For You?


May 4, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

While ruminating further on the Moon card this morning, I was reminded that some Lenormand card readers use the Moon to represent a person’s work or profession.  I suppose this makes good sense if you consider that the Moon usually symbolizes honors, recognition, promotion and success; which are the goals most people strive for in their chosen professions.

I have a good friend who uses the Scythe card to represent work in her readings.  This correspondence also makes sense if you consider that the sickle has long been used as a symbol for the labor force.  The Scythe is a symbol of the harvest which is a time to reap the rewards of one’s labors.

Most traditional sources site the Anchor as the card to represent a person’s job or work.  Since the Anchor represents stability and security, and a job usually provides an anchor in one’s life, this association also makes perfect sense.  The LWB that came with my Mystical Lenormand deck lists “work, job and training” as meanings for the Anchor.  The meanings for the Anchor in the LWB distributed by USG for the Blue Owl Lenormand includes “successful undertakings” and “advantages in work.” 

Lastly, I learned to use the Fox card to represent job and profession.  Traditionally the fox symbolizes deceit, or represents someone who is sly and cunning. These are traits which can be very useful when trying to appease a difficult employer.  The fox survives by following its own instincts, which any successful executive will tell you is an important key to getting ahead in the corporate world.

How do I put it all together? Here are some combinations I like to use incorporating all of the work cards:

Fox + Scythe = Quitting a job, a loss of work.
Scythe + Fox = A decision affecting one’s job or career.
Fox + Moon = Night job, moonlighting, creative work.
Fox + Anchor = stable employment.

Some additional combinations I use with the Fox:

Fox + House = Working from home, domestic work.
Fox + Bear = A good paying job.
Fox + Stork = Job promotion.
Fox + book = Accountant, librarian.

I suppose any one of the other cards I list above could be used in place of The Fox to represent the querent’s job or profession. I think the trick would be to decide on one card, and stick with it. It leads me to wonder if there are any other Lenormand cards commonly used to represent work. 

What work works for you?


2 thoughts on “What work works For You?

  1. Sammie says:

    Hi Aristede,

    Here you are over at your other blog! I was looking every day at the Oracle blog and you are over here instead.

    This is really a nice idea you have to think about the meanings of the cards and post them. I’ve learned a lot from reading this post of yours – some of the combinations you wrote about are something that never crossed my mind.

    You could write a book of your own on how to read the Lenormand cards! I love the way you explain things.

  2. Aristede says:

    Hi Sammie,

    Sorry, I guess I should have left a forwarding addy on the other site. 😀

    I’m fascinated by the way different people read the Lenormand. I guess I’m the kind of person that likes to see all the angles before deciding on how I’ll use a particular card.

    I don’t I’ll ever know enough to write a book, but I appreciate the compliment. 🙂


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