Three Card Draw – Man + Child + Snake


March 19, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

28-13-07.pngI had to laugh this morning when I drew my three cards for the day:

  • 28 The Man
  • 13 The Child
  • 07 The Snake

I “charged” card 28 to represent myself while I shuffled the deck, so I know that The Man represents me.  It’s funny because I am feeling a bit peevish this morning, and wouldn’t be surprised if I decide to pout, stomp my foot, and stir up a little trouble. 🙂

If I consider the Child as key card, another interpretation comes to mind as well… I’m going to be babysitting this afternoon for my niece and nephew, and it looks like they’re going to cause me no end of trouble!  We three can pout and tantrum together!

These cards don’t look too promising for any new plans or ideas I may be thinking of putting into motion.  It looks like trouble ahead no matter how I interpret these cards.


9 thoughts on “Three Card Draw – Man + Child + Snake

  1. spiritsong says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head! lol
    I have days like that too 🙂


  2. phoenixoracle says:

    HI Aristede

    I think you got your hands full with a couple of mischievious little the girl in particular.


  3. Aristede says:

    Hi Phoenix,

    You’re absolutely right, the girl is a terror! Lol!

    How did you know? From personal experience (I’m not sure if you have a daugther) 🙂 or from the Snake?


  4. phoenixoracle says:

    Hi JD,

    Bit of both…my daughter, and it was the child card that stood out, the girl with the big forehead!!! lol.


  5. Sammie says:

    Hi Aristede,

    Your cards are very accurate today! It looks like a child or children are going to be giving you some grief! I have two grandchildren like that – it just wears you out to babysit them. They can also be very sneaky and get into everything the minute you turn your head for even a second.

  6. Aristede says:

    Hi Sammie,

    Yep, that is exactly how my day went! 🙂 I love the little monsters, but they sure do wear me out.

  7. Aristede says:

    Wow, Phoenix, I never noticed, but you’re right! The forehead is a little scary looking. 🙂

  8. phoenixoracle says:

    yeah…it is…I think I remember one of the other members talking about her forehead so she drew a head band on it…lol.

    By the way how do you put the little smilies in?


  9. Aristede says:

    Maybe some bangs wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂

    Oh, smilie is just : and )

    It automatically turns into a smilie when you post. For laugh use : and D


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