Lenormand Three Card Draw – Fox + Clouds + Ship


March 16, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

Today I drew the following three cards with no particular question or focus in mind:


  • 14 The Fox
  • 06 The Clouds
  • 03 The Ship

I thought this was an interesting draw today considering Sammie’s comments regarding my previous draw from two days ago of 10 Scythe + 36 Cross + 03 Ship.  I read the Fox as work or my job, and my first impression of these cards is that they show confusion regarding a long-distance trip connected with work, or perhaps air travel in connection with work.

The odd thing is that travel seems highly unlikely in connection with my job, but I’ve used the cards long enough to know that nothing is impossible.  I’ve been thinking about the work-related interpretation of that previous spread, so maybe these cards are reflecting my confusion regarding that previous prediction.

The Fox can also refer to a cunning, sneaky or deceitful person, so an alternative interpretation would be confusion caused by someone at a distance who is being sneaky.  I have some crazy family members who live at a distance, so this interpretation would be a real possibility.  The other idea that comes to mind is deceptions causing uncertainty or confusion regarding a trip. 

For travel in connection with work to come up twice in as many days, it’s not something I’m inclined to discount.  We shall see…


9 thoughts on “Lenormand Three Card Draw – Fox + Clouds + Ship

  1. spiritsong says:

    Uncertainty as to whether or not take a job on a cruise ship! haha (this would tie in with the ‘walkabout’idea of another draw..wanting to get away from it all!)

    I think you’ve got it all covered Aristede, but couldn’t resist! lol


  2. Aristede says:

    I would LOVE to take a job on a cruise ship! lol! If the opportunity came up, I don’t think there’d be much hesitation. 🙂

  3. Sammie says:

    Hi Aristede!

    You might be able to interpret this in a bit different way. I would tend to look at the clouds in the center as the key card – the dark side of the clouds show what is causing trouble or upset and the light side of the clouds show how trouble could dissipate.

    So, perhaps something or someone is making you upset by their tricky or underhanded behavior (this doesn’t have to be a person – it could even be trying to deal with the stupidity of the phone company over an incorrect bill or something). Maybe, you could get over this upsetness by taking a trip or just a ride in the country or just taking a bike ride or a walk to make yourself feel better about things.

  4. indianstorm says:

    Hi Aristede, well more often than not the Clouds represent thoughts. Ambivalence and confusion is the other meanings. Fox+clouds-a scheme/person causing mental unease/confusion. Someone who aren’t what they seem- deceptive and ambivalent–

    Clouds+ship- perhaps this is moving away from that person/situation and having a change of scene/time out perhaps..

    Spiritsongs cruiseship is a good timeout measure– lol!!!

  5. Aristede says:

    Hi Sammie,

    I’m fascinated by your interpretation utilizing the symbolism of the light and dark sides of the Clouds!

    I’d come across the idea in the LWB that came with my Mystical Lenormand, but I didn’t realize it could be so specific.

    The method I’m studying doesn’t make an obvious distinction based on this symbolism, so I’m not used to looking at it that way.

    Again, I really appreciate the fresh perspective!


  6. Aristede says:

    Hi Stormy,

    Do you mean that the Clouds could simply indicate what’s on a person’s mind?

    It amazes me how many possible interpretations there are for these cards. I guess it makes sense when you think about how long they’ve been around, and that various systems would have developed in the various countries where they’ve been popular.

    I am feeling a little irritable with a family member today, and should go for a nice drive!


  7. spiritsong says:

    I hope you got out for that drive- that can clear the mind very quickly 🙂
    I must admit, I do that! lol

  8. phoenixoracle says:

    Hi Aristede

    I would look at this as moving away from a mundane situation(fox) to clear the boredom. Sometimes the cards can be just minor stuff, doesn’t have to be a “huge” event.


  9. indianstorm says:

    I agree with phoenix- the clouds- I see depending on the neighbouring cards- if there are person acards around- I see it associating with them- the dark and light side- its up to debate- Different decks different gradations of grey- so not very realiable or concrete enough for me- If u stick to what it means for you- generally 9/10 you are bound to be on the mark with this- clouds- thought/confusion/ambivalence/ someone who smokes even!!! lol

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