Lenormand 9 Card Reading – 03-07-08


March 6, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

Since I botched up my last reading by laying the cards out in the reverse order I drew them–and a special thanks to Stormy for catching my mistake–I decided to start over completely with a new reading.

I’m using the 3×3 layout suggested by Indianstorm.  I did not choose a specific Key Card, although I did charge card 29 The Man to represent me.  

I did not spend a lot of time analyzing the combinations because I want to train myself to see things quickly.  I went with whatever interpretations came to mind, with the occasional peak at Sylvie’s book when I felt stuck. 


I shuffled the entire deck while charging card 29 to represent me.  Then I fanned the cards face-down on the table and chose 9 cards keeping them in the order chosen, placing each new card beneath the one prior.  Beginning with the first card drawn, I dealt the cards face up from left to right, and top to bottom in a 3×3 grid.


Cards Drawn by Position:

  1. 29 The Man
  2. 11 The Whip
  3. 02 The Clover
  4. 04 The House
  5. 28 The Woman
  6. 09 The snake
  7. 30 The Lily
  8. 03 The Ship
  9. 05 The Tree


For the interpretation, I’ll review the following card groupings:

  • Horizontal combinations: 1+2+3 and 4+5+6 and 7+8+9
  • Vertical combinations: 1+4+7 and 2+5+8 and 3+6+9
  • Diagonal combinations: 1+5+9 and 3+5+7
  • The Central Theme:  2+4+6+8
  • The Corner cards (Overview) 1+3+5+7+9


Man + Whip + Clover = I’m never sure when Card 29 appears whether to read it as me or as someone in my life.  Here we have a physically attractive and active guy who enjoys sports.  He could be aggressive, but with the Clover, I’d say he channels his aggression into exercise and sports.  It looks like a lucky break coming his way.

House + Woman + Snake = Not a happy combination here.  I see a female family member who is being deceitful.  Another thought occurs to me as well: perhaps my real estate agent is not being completely upfront with me.  She takes forever to return my calls, and there is something decidedly sneaky about her.  It may be time to look for a new agent.

Lily + Ship + Tree = The Lily usually represents my brother when it appears in the cards.  His health is failing, and he’s been staying with me so I can look after him.  These cards could indicate his slow recovery to good health. Also, frequent trips to the doctor with him.


Man + House + Lily = My home is a peaceful environment.  These card also show my brother (Lily) staying with me in my home.  These cards also suggest that I’m a homebody and enjoy the peace and serenity of my home.  Very true!

Whip + Woman + Ship = Hmmm…an argument with a woman.  Perhaps I am going to confront my real estate agent.  With the House and Ship falling next to her, I’m sure that is who is represented here.  Of course, these cards could also indicate a sexy, foreign woman.  🙂

Clover + Snake + Tree = I had to peak in Sylvie’s book for help with this combination.  It looks like I’m gambling with my health.  It could be a warning that I need to take better care of myself.  Since the Tree connects to the Lily horizontally, this could also refer to my brother’s health issues.


Man + Woman + Tree = A relationship with a spiritual woman, or a couple who are soul mates.  Also a woman healer/doctor, and these cards could show me meeting with my brother’s doctor who is female.  This is already scheduled for next week.

Clover + Woman + Lily = An optimistic older woman.  A lucky opportunity for the woman to establish herself.

Central Theme:

Whip + House + Snake + Ship = The central theme of the reading deals with the difficulties I’m having with finding a new home.  My current residence has been sold, and I need to find someplace suitable to live.  The whole process has been a nightmare from the beginning.  I’m convinced that card 28 The Woman at the heart of the spread is my sneaky real estate agent.

Overview (Corners):

Man + Clover + Lily + Tree = The overview deals with me helping my brother, and his slow recovery.  Consideration for his special needs is one of the reason’s I’m having a tough time trying to find a suitable place to live.


3 thoughts on “Lenormand 9 Card Reading – 03-07-08

  1. phoenixoracle says:

    Hi Aristede

    Ok, I would say that the man card is you since you charged it at the beginning of the reading. The diagonal Man+woman+tree could be a significant or spiritual woman that you share a close connection with. And she could be the sexy foreign woman.
    I would say House+woman+snake would be talking about someone in the present, so it could be your land agent, either she is being a bit shady or she is having some troubles.
    Diagonal clover+woman+lily, could be an older maturer woman, has some luck around her.
    That woman being the central card can be indicative of a couple of different woman. One is a sneak in or around the home, and the other is one who is at a distance, and looks as though there is a karmic tie(tree)with her.

    4 other combinations I’ve seen same layout are
    2+4 with 1 as theme card
    2+6 with 3 as ” ”
    4+8 with 7 as ” ”
    6+8 with 9 as ” ”
    These combo’s also provide some extra clues.

    They did tie in with my 9 card reading.


  2. Aristede says:

    Hi Phoenix,

    LOL! I was in such a hurry to get the reading posted, I didn’t realize I forgot to interpret the diagonals!

    Thank you!


  3. indianstorm says:

    Hola Aristede,, It is a good indicator that the man card turns up in a reading since you charged it as well–

    hmm..wonder what shennanigans you will get up to with your foreign number..lol!!


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