Lenormand 3 Card Draw – Letter + Fish + Sun


March 5, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

I’m working on a 9-Card Reading on myself that I plan to post as soon as it’s finished.  In the meantime, I thought I would go ahead and draw three cards for today for a general outlook on what I can expect for the next few days.  I pulled card 27 The Letter, card 34 The Fish, and card 31 The Sun.


I was pleased to finally see some happy, sunny cards for a change!  The Letter and Fish most likely refer to some kind of business correspondence, documentation or paperwork that is on the way–perhaps some papers to sign.  The Sun promises victory, happiness, and recognition, so whatever news is on the way, it’s going to be positive and good for my ego.  🙂

The Letter + Fish also brings to mind someone who writes for a living such as a freelance writer or journalist.  The Sun could show recognition for this person’s work such as winning some kind of award. 

Another possibility for this combination would be an ‘internet business’ that turns successful.  I do know someone who has been toying with the idea of starting something, so I hope this combination with The Sun means she’ll be successful with her plans.

In truth, I don’t have a clue what this may be about.  The letter could be referring to anything from a business contract, to a business file, to a simple email confirming an order or purchase.  I don’t have any business pending that I’m aware of at the moment, so it will be interesting to see what these cards turn out to be.


6 thoughts on “Lenormand 3 Card Draw – Letter + Fish + Sun

  1. indianstorm says:

    aristede.. 🙂

    might you consider a bank statement (letter+fish) with a healthy balance(sun)

    just a thought- whenever i draw this trio i think– phew– bank statement good!!!


  2. spiritsong says:

    I like that, but wouldn’t letter+tower be more about a bank? I don’t know.


  3. Aristede says:

    Hi Stormy & SpiritSong,

    Stormy, I like your interpretation a lot! A healthy bank balance is always a good thing. 🙂

    The LWB that came with my Mystical Lenormand describes The Fish as money and finances, so I assume it’s a traditional meaning for the card.

    Spirit, I think of letter + tower as some kind of legal notice, but ‘bank statement’ makes sense too. I was also thinking that letter + bear could represent a financial statement.

    I really enjoy these kinds of discussions about the cards and possible meanings. 🙂


  4. indianstorm says:

    I used to think like that as well–i have however been on a mind bend with the cards– old chinese saying- the path of excess leads to enlightenment!!! i think the person who cam up with this knew a thing or two,,

    so lately- wherever possible- the most straight forward answer is what i go for– as Sylvie puts it-‘Keep it simple’– lol!!! fish money, letter written communication– sun goooood!!!!!!!

  5. Aristede says:

    Yes, I was thinking about that today. In the end it all comes down to going with your gut.

    In a real life reading, we’re not going to be able to flip through Sylvie’s book for every possible combination–which I have a bad habit of doing.

    I think the most straight forward answer is usually going to be the best answer.


  6. Tena koe Aristede

    Or maybe it’s a letter about some sales promotion?


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