Lenormand General Reading – The 9 Card Spread


March 4, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that the Multi-level No Layout Spread as presented in Sylvie’s book, and explained further in the virtual workshop at Aeclectic Tarot, is the best option for exploring a general reading.  Using multiple key cards allows for exploring all of the important areas of the querent’s life.

My search yesterday did lead me to an interested 9 Card Spread I wanted to share that can be used for a short, general reading with no specific focus required.  The cards are shuffled and then dealt on the table in the following format:


The card that falls in position 1 provides the focus for the reading, and serves as the key card.

Each card is read in combination with the card in position 1, and then the cards are read in groups of three:  horizontally, vertically and diagonally.  

I actually came across variations of the 9 Card Spread in several different places, so I don’t feel the need to cite any specific source. I’ve not yet had the chance to try this layout, but it seems like it would provide quite a bit of information on whatever situation is represented by the card that falls in position 1. 

I must admit that I like the idea of allowing the oracle to choose the focus for the reading, perhaps because that’s how I’m used to working with Tarot, and other oracle decks.  I also really like that this layout emphasizes the use of card combinations which are such an integral part of working with the Lenormand Oracle.

This 9 Card Layout can also be used to focus on a specific issue simply by manually choosing the key card to represent the matter at hand, and placing it in position 1 prior to the shuffle and deal.

I think I’ll continue to explore Sylvie’s Multi-level No Layout system for general readings, although it’s nice to have another spread on hand to use in case I don’t have the time or space to spread all of the cards.


14 thoughts on “Lenormand General Reading – The 9 Card Spread

  1. spiritsong says:

    I like this one alot, Aristede. I will definitely try it; but agree also, that the multi level, multiple key card approach of Sylvie’s will produce alot of information.
    It’s nice to have choices!


  2. stormy says:

    good find- the 9 card spread is like the news headlines– tells on the querant really :)- even if they didnt ask about it-
    as with all things in life- they are inter-connected- u can see how the lover influences the home life/ job influences relationship etc- in the 9 card spread what you essentially have is a series of interrelated facts– the snapshot of now–

    i dont use significators in this altho u can (makes it concrete that its about them)- i let the quearant draw 9 cards random- preserve the order- and lay it out in 3X3 and the fifth cards sits on significator.

    combination is read :
    1+2+3, 3+4+5, 7+8+9- horizontals
    1+4+7, 2+5+8, 3+6+9-verticals
    1+5+9, 3+5+7- diagonals
    2+4+6+8- central theme
    1+3+7+9- corner cards (the same principal as the grand tableux)

    ps: transpose sylvie’s technique- if you honed in on one key card- in a linear order of 1-9 cards- check and see whats to the left and right.
    subconsciously– the inquirer alwasy has something they really wanna know– hehe– i am giving away my secrets as well–:)


  3. stormy says:

    oops- in the corner card combo– i forgot to add 5– read 1+3+5+7+9– my bad–


  4. stormy says:

    my perfectionist side kills me- sorry again-
    the horizontal read- 4+5+6 not 3+4+5!

    past, present, future has no role in this btw- its a snap shot of now- whatever influnces from the past will be evident- based on the now will dictate how the future would look like!! happy reading.. 🙂


  5. Aristede says:

    Hi Stormy,

    I’m happy to hear that you’ve had good experiences using the 9 card spread, and I love the idea that it provides a snapshot of the querent’s “now!” I think I like this spread even more now that you’ve explained it better to me.

    Thank you for the clarifications, I did not know that 2+4+6+8 reveals the central theme.

    If you don’t mind, I do have a question for you:

    You mention that you read the corners in this spread like the corners in the Grand Tableux. I’m not really all that familiar with how the Grand Tableux is read. Would you mind explaining how the corners work?

    Your input is very helpful, and much appreciated!


  6. stormy says:

    Hello Aristede,

    well- the corners are like the corner stones of the grand layout, it is 1-9-28-36 (combined in this order). like the alpha to omega sequence. this 4 cards give you the short cut- how it starts and how it ends..scary i know- but it does this.

    if u think about it- rider is position 1- start of a journey, cross 36- end of a journey. the in between cards explains the route of how u got there.

    applying the same priciple to the 9 card spread- which is 1/4 of the 36 spread- if u are going to get a 360 degree view within 1/4 of cards– you are gonna have to dig..roll the sleeves..:)

    hence why the 10 possible combination directions. the central theme gives you the foci of what it is that is closest to the querants heart.

    the corner cards with the significator if u choose one or card no 5 (if no focus/ key cards used) will give you the insight how things going to turn out.


  7. Aristede says:

    Hi Stormy,

    Thank you! Now I see that working with the 9 Card Spread will prepare me for the Grand Tableux. Now I’m completely in love with this 9 Card spread! LOL!

    I really appreciate your explanations. There is so little available in English for these amazing cards, and as much as I feel blessed to have Sylvie’s book, I also can’t help but feel a little curious about what else is out there too.

    Thanks again,

  8. stormy says:

    in love– already..??
    wow– that’s great– use 24 and read out your new love affair with the lenormand 9 card spread- tell me what the corners are–lol!!!

    after discovering the grand layout– i found sylvie– it is a reverse of you– nevertheless–a guru was needed and a selfless one at that– sylvie is it..:)

    i wish i was good at setting up a blogspace like this– makes all the readings worthwhile for analysis and comments

  9. Aristede says:

    Hi Stormy,

    Yes, it seems we are discovering the cards in reverse, but that’s okay, because the path is still the same. 🙂

    Sylvie is a true guru, and I’m still soaking up everything I can from her teachings.

    Blogging is actually very easy. The set up is done for you by WordPress. You just need to choose a template, and then begin blogging. If you decide to give it a try, please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can help in any way.

    Aristede 🙂

  10. spiritsong says:

    Hey Aristede! Hey Stormy!
    Me too! I’m available too, for any questions about blogging here :)It’s the first time I’ve ever endeavoured a blog- once you fiddle a little bit, it’s really quite easy! Another lenormand blog would be great, you have alot to add to the club 🙂 lol

    Thank you for the extended information on the mini-Grand 🙂 That looks like a fantastic way to take a step towards the bigger spread without being so intimidated; and it looks as though it would give reams of information. I’m going to have to jot down a few notes from your comments, and give it a try too.
    I came to the Lenormand, totally fresh. I’d discovered the cards, but no book, so waited, and then when Sylvie’s book appeared, and synchronistically I re-established a connection with AE, everything fell into place. I know I was definitely being guided.
    Going on a bit- thanks again-


  11. indianstorm says:

    guess who has her own blog space!!!??
    ok this is the fastest i have acted on a whim– actually i act on whims all the time– but yey!!!

  12. Aristede says:

    Woo hoo! Congratulations Stormy!

    As soon as you’re ready, give me your new blog address so that I can add it to my blogroll, and check out your new site!

    I can’t wait to read all the cool things you’re going to share on your new blog! 🙂

  13. spiritsong says:

    Congratulations Stormy!
    When Inspiration hits it’s amazing!

    Same here–once you’re ready, visit my blog too (Aristede has a link) and I’ll link on mine as well.
    What fun this is going to be! lol

    SpiritSong (LisaW)

  14. Phoenix Rising says:

    hey another one to the blog circle. Hey Aristede thanks for the spread, I saw a 9 card spread on “you tube” a while ago, I think it might have been lenormand he was using as well.
    Yes I would like a general spread too, and this could be a really good one.


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