Lenormand 3-Card Draw – Star + Letter + Woman


March 2, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

16-27-29-copy.pngThis morning I pulled 3 cards for inspiration and guidance, and I drew card 16 The Star, card 27 The Letter and card 29 The Woman

The combination of The Star and The Letter indicates some very good news on the way in form of a letter, email or other type of written correspondence.  It might even indicate something I read in a newspaper, book or magazine.  The combination of The Letter and The woman would indicate a message from or about a woman. 

The Letter and The Woman could also indicate a woman who is ‘lettered’ or literary and well educated.  In combination with The Star, there could be an announcement or headlines about her,  or perhaps some kind of award recognition for her.

I think it’s more likely that I’ll hear from a female friend today who is excited about some terrific news regarding something she’s been hoping for, or dreaming about.

Another thought occurred to me as I was about to scoop up the layout to put the cards away.  If I retain the focus of this reading on myself, these cards could suggest that I am hopeful (Star) for some word (Letter) from a woman (Woman).  This interpretation would actually be very accurate because just yesterday I attempted to reach a female friend I have not spoken to in a long time.  I emailed a mutual acquaintance, and I’m awaiting a response.

This final interpretation may be completely intuitive on my part, and I’m always afraid that when I read for myself I could be ‘reading into’ the cards.  On the other hand, I think in a real-life situation, intuitive input is what makes the difference between a great reading and a mediocre reading that is based merely on  regurgitating the textbook meanings for the card combinations.


3 thoughts on “Lenormand 3-Card Draw – Star + Letter + Woman

  1. spiritsong says:

    Hi Aristede 🙂

    On the other hand, I think in a real-life situation, intuitive input is what makes the difference between a great reading and a mediocre reading that is based merely on regurgitating the textbook meanings for the card combinations.

    I agree completely with the above…. and like dream symbols, they’re different for each dreamer! If you pay attention, you start to understand your own symbols and it becomes richer. I always intuit first, and then see what some of the other meanings are too..both can fit at times – this was true of my daily draw today.
    Can’t really comment on your interps- you’ve got them covered! lol


  2. Aristede says:

    Hi SpiritSong,

    I guess I’ve been trying so hard to stay strictly within the boundaries of the card meanings and combinations, and I haven’t allowed my intuition free rein. Perhaps that’s why my readings have felt a little dry to me lately.

    That little cat sitting alone on the window sill looking out at the starry night gave me a sudden feeling of expectancy, as if the cat was longing for someone or something. I guess the idea is not really too far removed from the traditional meanings associated with The Star such as hopes and dreams. 🙂


  3. Phoenix Oracle says:

    Hi Aristede,

    I missed this one, as I’ve had a busier schedule lately. Although you’ve had a bit of time out with the draws, I love the way you break down your spread, and you have everything covered.

    Yes, you’re right we need to start to use our intuitiveness a bit more and not stay rigid to combinations etc.

    Nga mihi ki a koe


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