Daily Lenormand Card Draw – 34 The Fish + 08 The Coffin


January 26, 2008 by Art of Cartomancy

the-fish.jpg the-coffin.jpg

Today’s daily Lenormand draw is 34 The Fish and 08 The CoffinThe Fish represents business, commerce and finances, and may refer to a specific business enterprise.  I have a love/hate relationship with The Coffin.  On the one hand, it is my favorite card in terms of its artistic representation of the ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.  But on the other hand, this card scares me a little in terms of it’s symbolic significance.

The Coffin represents endings and major life changes which can seem very negative, or completely out of your control.  The interpretation that stands out for me today is the idea of being forced to give up something, and start over.  The combination suggests bankruptcy or foreclosure.

I spent yesterday running around town with my friend Kelly looking at houses.  If you’ve read my practice reading “Foreclosure?” you’ll know that Kelly is having to let her current home go due to the ridiculous financial burden it has become.  I posted an update to that reading describing a happy ending, and I think these cards refer to the dissolution of her current financial obligation.  This situation is all we talk about lately, so I’m not surprise that it would turn up in the cards.

 I think yesterday’s daily card draw may also pertain to this same situation.


2 thoughts on “Daily Lenormand Card Draw – 34 The Fish + 08 The Coffin

  1. phoenixoracle says:

    Hi Aristede,

    I can only see as you’ve pointed out to a foreclosure on financial matters.

    I’m so used to drawing 3 cards(as I do when reading playing cards) that 2 cards always feels like there’s something missing.

    Like you, the coffin sometimes puts a heebee jeeby up my spine, but sometimes endings are really a blessing.


  2. Aristede says:

    Hi Phoenix,

    I did consider pulling another card, but that third card always seems to further complicate the issue rather than clarify it for me.

    The Coffin implies some kind of new beginning, so I really should have pulled an additional card.

    It’s funny, when I first got the Mystical Lenormand, I did not know much at all about the Lenormand Oracle. I fell in love with card #8 immediately without having the slightest notion of it’s true significance. I don’t think I would have bonded with the card at all if I’d begun working with the Blue Owl deck first. 🙂


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